Cutting Edge Technology Increases Laser Profiling Accuracy

by:Lxshow     2020-03-07
The University of Queensland team believes that the start-up of the art Laser profiling device can make the laser machine more accurate and has a wide range of uses in the medical and engineering fields.Professor James Fraser, who is in charge of the development, believes that his team is working on some industrial applications of the device.At present, they are forming an advanced laser processing station, opening up many exciting opportunities in different industries.\"In addition to surgical applications, depth control can significantly improve laser welding,\" added Paul Webster, a PhD student on the team, \"Improvements in our advanced manufacturing capabilities ultimately lead to cheaper and more fuel-efficient aircraft, cars and ships.\\ \"The researchers said that the laser with new direct sensors can be implemented during the welding of parts, which will help reduce waste and improve safety.Once the new laser processing station is completed, leading members of the ontario car automotive production industry will begin testing.Cutting-edge technology can also be applied in surgery and hospitals because too much cutting can cause serious problems.\"The problem of depth control has always been a problem in laser surgery,\" says Professor Fraser .\".\"There are a lot of surgeries we want to use laser, but we can\'t use laser because it\'s too difficult to control.Our technology can achieve new laser surgery that was not possible before.\\ \"In addition, Canada.Com said the team at the University of Queensland has demonstrated that they can control the laser by stopping within 50 microns.The laser part is based on an imaging method called optical coherent tomography, which gives 3-Images of the human retina.This technology enables the user to view along a beam that complements the cut laser.Although it is hoped that the laser profiling method will be applied in the medical field.Professor Fraser told Canada.The Com team is very excited about its potential use in many industries.\"In a few weeks, we will run processes related to industry,\" he added .\".
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