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There is a benefit to this that may be overlooked. Just as it is with exercise, stored fats that are used for energy by the body literally train our cells to burn fat. The laser lipo that is used by the LumiSlim Lipo laser system does not damage any surrounding cells such as muscle tissue or skin tissue. You can be up and active again immediately after treatment, the only difference is that your clothing may fit more loosely. The results are that fast because the action of the Laser lipo system works instantly. Further treatments can create more results and it may take the approach of multiple treatments to achieve the results that you seek. It is completely worth it.

The Lipo that the LumiSlim offers is best supported by a diet and exercise program. The laser lipo device does work some seriously pleasing wonders, but it is up to you to keep those inches off. No liposuction or laser lipo system will make the fat go away permanently unless you maintain the new body tone by eating plenty of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables and engage in regular medium to high impact exercise. The idea of the laser lipo treatments is to give you a jump-start advantage that others will be envious of. Don't let them envy too long, give them a card for the salon where you get your LumiSlim Laser Lipo treatment.

The salon owners who are considering adding a laser lipo system to their stage, perhaps for lunch-time tummy tucks, will find that the LumiSlim Pro Laser Lipo system is an affordable asset to their business. It will draw new and loyal customers and thus new revenue. The model may be purchased from Crystal Medical for 3,999 or rented for a weekly rate of 25.99. See the following website for more information:

It is truly a revolutionary shift in the advent of body re-shaping and an extraordinary advance in liposuction to have the prodigal advancement of laser technology to give rise to such devices. It is worthy to note that there are other similar devices in competition with LumiSlim on the market. This is only natural. The distinct advantage that LumiSlim offers is superior technology at a lower than typical market price. Also, since Crystal Medical basically makes it possible for you to obtain and begin using the device with little or no money up front, you can begin to gain profits immediately. Your clients will respect the addition as much as you will.

Many people would not even consider liposuction. You cannot help but noticed the news photos of the rather brutal procedure. There is damage to surrounding tissue and extensive bruising. The recovery time is extensive and painful. There is also noticeable scarring sometimes. It may be the best procedure for some, but for those who just need to shed a few inches, nothing beats laser lipo. Single sessions generally last 40 minutes and they typical charge for such a session is 150. This is affordable to the client and allows you, the provider to recuperate your costs rapidly and efficiently.

Imagine the satisfaction of freeing yourself from that annoying padding that you cannot seem to exercise away. See what laser lipo has to offer you.

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