Control system of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-15

The control system of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes: main power supply module, electric continuous X-axis servo driver, Y1-axis servo driver, Y2-axis servo driver and Z-axis servo driver, part-time table drive motor, electric cabinet air conditioner stop lighting Light, main control module, mobile control card module, button control module, height controller, solenoid valve control module, limit switch module, laser focusing driver, safety light curtain module and control panel and power supply; main control module, including DVP32ES Controller, control safety light curtain components, limit switch components, button control components, solenoid valve control components, mobile control card module and control panel part-time; mobile control card module, including BCL3766 terminal board, electric continuous X-axis servo driver, Y1 Axis servo driver, Y2 axis servo driver, height controller, laser, laser focusing driver, limit switch assembly and solenoid valve control assembly.

Single beam truss automatic fiber laser cutting machine full-active high and low material part-time station, including laser cutting field, above the laser cutting field is equipped with a degree of rail beam, the The rail beam is divided and slidingly configured with a slider and a second slider; both the slider and the second slider can move translationally along the extension and deflection of the rail beam; the layout of the discovery is simple and facilitates the completion of the board out of the warehouse , Transfer, inspection, loading, laser cutting processing, and unloading process; the layout of the forks, the geometric support teeth on the support knife, and the scraper layout on the unloading trolley can make the product sheet in the laser cutting field smooth Transfer to the unloading trolley to complete the automation of the whole process of plate cutting.

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