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Common problems of fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-06-21

The second highest cutting pressure zone of the fiber laser cutting machine is about 3~3.5mm from the nozzle outlet, and the cutting pressure Pe is also larger, which can also achieve good results and help protect the lens and increase its service life. Other high cutting pressure areas on the curve cannot be used because they are too far away from the nozzle outlet and difficult to match the focused beam. The high cutting pressure area is close to the nozzle outlet, and the distance from the workpiece surface to the nozzle outlet is about the above. C02 clear cutting Machine technology is getting more and more applications in my country's industrial production, and foreign countries are researching and developing cutting technologies and devices for higher cutting speeds and thicker steel plates. In order to meet the increasing requirements of industrial production for quality and production efficiency, we must pay attention to solving various key technologies and implementing quality standards, so that this new technology can be used more widely in our country. Laser cutting technology Laser cutting technology is widely used in the processing of metal and non-metal materials, which can greatly reduce processing time, reduce processing costs, and improve workpiece quality. There are two types of laser cutting technology: one is pulsed laser for metal materials. The second is that continuous clear light is suitable for non-metallic materials, and the latter is an important application field of laser cutting technology.

The modern laser of the fiber laser cutting machine has become the 'sword' of 'cutting iron like mud' that people dream of pursuing. Common problems of fiber laser cutting machine, overview The three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine is composed of a dedicated fiber laser cutting head, a high-precision capacitive tracking system, a fiber laser and an industrial robot system. It can perform multi-angle and multi-directional flexible cutting of metal sheets of different thicknesses. Advanced equipment. Three-dimensional robot laser cutting machine equipment is widely used in metal processing, machinery manufacturing and auto parts manufacturing, etc., which have processing requirements for 3D workpieces. The temperature of the three-dimensional fiber laser group cutting robot increases sharply due to the thermal energy of Xinda, so that the point is rapidly melted or vaporized due to the high temperature, and the operation trajectory of the laser head is matched to achieve the processing purpose.

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