Collision protection device of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-28

A collision guard assembly for a full-automatic fiber laser cutting machine. It includes a transition board that is continuous with the main body of the full-auto fiber laser cutting machine. The transition board is provided with at least two sensor placement holes, and each sensor placement hole is installed inside. There is an interval sensor. The control system of all interval sensors and the automatic fiber laser cutting machine continues. There is a through hole in the center of the transition plate, and a bolt is installed in the through hole. A spring is installed between the bolt head and the transition plate. The body passes through the through-hole tail ribs and continuously has a cutting head installation plate. Compared with the cutting head installation plate, the transition plate has at least two grooves on one wall, and each groove does not have two parallel cylindrical pins. The axis of the cylindrical pin is parallel to the transition plate. The cutting head mounting plate is equipped with a ball corresponding to each groove, and the ball is located between the two cylindrical pins; this is suitable for the new type of cutting head to complete the cutting head and the workpiece in unexpected situations when the cutting head collides with the workpiece. The head and related machine parts are not damaged.

A diffused dust removal assembly for a fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine with a bucket-shaped frame. The bucket-shaped frame is divided into geometric dust-removing areas by longitudinally arranged partitions. ; The partition on this side of each dust removal area corresponds to a longitudinally arranged dust removal unit box, and geometric grid holes are opened on the left or right wall of the dust removal unit box; the front of the bucket frame / The rear outer side wall is equipped with a horizontally inserted dust removal main box. The side wall of the dust removal main box is equipped with a suction port that is effective for the continuous negative pressure dust collection system. The openings are equipped with damper assembly; the upper side of the dust removal main box is also equipped with a transfer box, which is used to connect the ventilation openings of the dust removal main box and each dust removal unit box; the new layout of this application is simple and the plan is wonderful. Not only the dust removal results are good, but also the negative pressure wind energy is greatly reduced, and the influence of the smoke and dust generated by the laser cutting on the situation is reduced.

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