CNC Router for Woodworking: DIY Wonder or Craftsman\'s Nightmare?

by:Lxshow     2020-03-08
When my husband, a final DIY person and a carpenter who mainly works with hand tools for carpentry, recently discovered ShopBot, an example of a home CNC wood router, what can be done, he had a painful expression on his face.
\"I\'m out of date,\" he said seriously . \"
The CNC router is a \"computer numerical control\" machine that takes on the fine work of measuring, cutting, woodcarving, planing, drilling, cutting mortises and tennons and even collecting dust from carpenters, put in processors, planters, drill bits, other tedious parts of the computer and router machines.
Using a CNC wood router can make amazing achievements in project design, time saving and labor saving.
But what\'s even more shocking is that these computers/routers are now affordable in the home store.
The CNC router invades the home. . .
In the pacecurently of Whittler, most CNC routers are used commercially. A fewforward-
Think wood lovers have tried the smaller home version.
However, the main existing market for CNC routers consists of professional wood shops, furniture manufacturers and other commercial enterprises.
CNC wood router is able to automate fast, repetitive precision work from digital project plans, which means that these businesses save a lot of cost, even if the initial cost is high.
But now, you can get a ShopBot for less than $10,000, a popular brand of computer-controlled routers.
--xa0Considering how much a wood lover has spent on tools and machine equipment in the name of his or her hobby, there seems to be little reason to blink.
Obstacles to the ShopBot revolution, but what about the emotional components of carpentry?
Is it a simple discard?
As with the most skilled crafts, manual labor is half the fun for many carpenters and carpenters. True, the time-
The consuming nature of many woodworking jobs can only be considered tedious.
But what about the psychological satisfaction gained by artisans or craftsmen in the design of carefully hand-carved wood?
How to achieve the victory with an old-
Old-fashioned chisel, a well
Cut the swallow tail after multiple test failures-and-
The wrong effort to go there?
There are some advantages to this.
What about skill components?
Will the creative thinking, design mind, space consciousness, rough and fine motor skills and other abilities developed by Woodworkergo be out of date?
The older generation complained, \"it\'s all automated!
They don\'t know how to make XYZ the right way!
\"When we see what CNC routercan can do and what human carpenters no longer do, it seems to echo in our ears.
Devotees like my husband, who really want to work with their hands and appreciate the challenge of a difficult project --
More sharply, they want to pass on these skills to the younger generation who follow them --
It did turn into a dinosaur.
Because as my husband Carpenter pointed out to me, people will soon realize the great potential of affordable CNC machines.
Imagine a world where everyone has a CNC router at home.
There, buying a bed is as simple as downloading the router plan and feeding it to the machine.
Designing your own bed is as simple as downloading a generic plan, modifying it a little, and sending it to the machine.
In terms of legal and logistical infrastructure, we are far from that world, but in terms of technology, we are not far from that world.
When the world becomes a reality, professional carpenters will be far out of date.
The CNC router is currently just a tool.
But the signs are ominous.
Carpentry is changing.
Now, however, it is not true that professional or amateur carpentry is out of date.
If you buy a ShopBot or other prefabricated CNC router and even build your own homemade wood router using computers and software, if you are new to the craft, they won\'t do you any good.
You also need a clue about carpentry.
You need to set up carpentry project and provide finishing work which requires some knowledge of carpentryhow.
Instead, if you are a professional or you know a woodworking hobby like the back of your hand, but you only know that, you live in the fear of a computer and you need to speed up.
But the demand for labor, time and creativity has been cut sharply.
One day, with a whim, you can create beautiful and gorgeous wood carvings with digital photos, while the components of human labor only account for a small part of the original, as my spouse said, set up the machine, then walk up to the fridge, take out a Coke, grab some French fries and sit down and watch the football for eight hours.
The presence of small and micro CNC routers, desktop CNC machines and home low cost CNC routers is a signal that new woodworking orders are eroding, again, the Art of Computer Graphics has also revolutionized the world of art, but perhaps more like the invasion of cheap computers.
The cheap CNC router provides an almost futuristic way to process wood and other materials.
When it comes to building wooden furniture, wood carvings, musical instruments, wood parts and things other than almost all wood --
I didn\'t mention that most CNC routers also use foam, plastic or even aluminum-
Automation of a new scale is coming.
So if you\'re going to be an old man
Old fashioned carpenters, you may want to keep these plans and aspire to be a new one --
The material of the \"ghost engineer\" of the sharp tooth-
Based on any fancy titles that designers, \"plastic masters\" or CNC router users will have.
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