CNC Plasma Cutters - How do they work?

by:Lxshow     2020-03-10
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine combines the unique power of plasma with the efficiency, accuracy and speed of CNC (
Computer numerical control)software.
Combining these two products with a very solid base of fully welded machines, you have a powerful cutting machine.
The plasma only exists at very high temperatures and is used by the plasma cutting system for electrical cutting
The conductive metal is very neat and fast.
The CNC Plasma Cutting Machine adds specialized software to control and guide the plasma cutting machine quickly, accurately, efficiently and repeatedly.
To put it simply, a plasma is an agas that is compressed and full of energy until some electrons break out of the nucleus and travel with it.
Nozzleat at the cutting edge concentrates and introduces the gas into the spark and converts the air flow into a plasma. Inert or semi-
Inert gas is used to shield the region in which the plasma touches the metal.
The power of the plasma is strong enough to blow the molten metal out of the workpiece, resulting in a thin (
Less than 1/16 \"wide)
Clean cut with little or no slag.
The plasma itself reaches a temperature of up to 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit, making it easy to cut 2-inch metal.
Part of the CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is computer numerical control (CNC)software.
With the help of computers, CNCsoftware controls and guides the plasma cutting torch with speed, accuracy and efficiency. Computer-
Software-based programs like CAD/CAM are an integral part of each CNC machine tool.
CNCsoftware also ensures the precise handling of the machine and the precise distance between the plasma nozzle and the metal plate.
The CNC software usually includes nested functions, which makes the plasma cutting machine more efficient.
The plasma cutting machine has various shapes and sizes.
The difference between them lies in their structure and components.
High quality unit with strong, heavy duty
All welding and unit construction.
Units with lower prices use less stable bolttogether structures or have no tables at all.
The unstable work table causes the plasma cutting to be inaccurate and the machine to be unstable.
A warning should be mentioned for any tool.
Although this is a very powerful cutting machine, the plasma cutting machine will also cause terrible damage to the human body.
In addition to intelligent operation, operators should also wear goggles (shade #5)
Gloves and protective clothing.
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