CNC Milling

by:Lxshow     2020-03-02
My previous article details CNC laser cutting and I will continue to expand information on CNC machinery, which will detail CNC milling.This process is done by using a milling machine (milling machine), which is the process of shaping solid materials such as metal.There are two basic forms of milling: Vertical and horizontal, and these two terms refer to the direction of the cutting spindle.In the case that some machines (such as drilling machines) need mechanical movement and the materials are kept stationery during the processing, the milling equipment will be different.Milling tools usually keep stationery and the material (workpiece) moves on the rotating tool.If the milling machine is required to move it accurately through the computer to less.025mm (0.001 inch), lead screw and ground slide allow this to happen.Milling equipment is a very complex machine that can perform a variety of different operations such as keyway and slot cutting, drilling, wiring, planning, repositioning and mold sinking.Most computer CNC milling machines are vertical milling machines, they are very advanced machines that allow the spindle to move vertically along the z axis, this equipment can be combined to work together the equipment uses a ball head knife and a cone tool, helps to improve milling accuracy without sacrificing any speed.If you want to buy this equipment for your workshop, then make sure you have studied it carefully and it has to be used by professionals (I can\'t say enough) the misuse of the equipment can be dangerous.
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