CNC fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-22

Scope of fiber laser cutting machine: This standard specifies the model and main technical parameters, technical requirements, safety and protection, accuracy inspection, and test parties of the CNC laser pipe cutting machine. This standard applies to LT series, TP series, TP Pro, etc. For the series of CNC laser pipe cutting machines (hereinafter referred to as pipe cutting machines), the following documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated reference documents, only the dated version applies to this document. For undated reference documents, the latest version (including all amendments) is applicable to this document. Laws, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage. Electrical equipment of machinery Part 1: General technical conditions (IEC6024-1: 2000, IDT) Electrical safety of laser equipment and facilities, metal cutting machine tools ISO230-5: 2000) General inspection of machine tools Part 1: Equipment classification, requirements and user guide noise Sound pressure level measurement method, Part 1: Geometric accuracy of machine tools under no load or finishing conditions, Part 2: Determination of positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of CNC axis. Metal cutting performance specifications and standard inspection procedures (eqv ISO /TR11552: 1997).

Technical requirements for fiber laser cutting machine: 4.1 Use conditions The pipe cutting machine should be able to work normally under the following conditions: 4.1.1 Environmental conditions: (a) Ambient air temperature range: The temperature of the pipe cutting machine should be Keep it at 5°C~45°C, and the temperature should be kept between -25°C~55°C during transportation and storage; (b) The relative humidity of the air is 5%~-85%. (C) There should be no dust and vibration sources that affect the work of the pipe cutter in the working environment. 4.1.2 Power requirements: (a) The input voltage is three-phase five-wire 380V, and the fluctuation value does not exceed ±5% of the rated value; (b) The input frequency is 50Hz, and the fluctuation value does not exceed ±5% of the rated value.

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