Cleaning the lens of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-25

The surface of the lens of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is coated with a layer of special burning film. If you use these to clean the lens, it will damage the surface of the lens. 3) Do not place the lens in a dark, sea and wet place. The surface of the lens is artistic. 2) It is strictly forbidden to use water, detergent, etc. to clean the optical lens. The surface of the lens is coated with a special flammable film. If you use these to clean the lens, it will damage the surface of the lens. 3) Do not place the lens in a dark, sea and wet place, which will cause the lens surface to age. 4) The lens surface must If special cleaning is stained with dust, dirt, or water vapor, it is easy to absorb the laser and cause damage to the coating of the lens: the quality of the laser beam will be affected at the slightest, and the laser beam will not be generated. 5) When the lens is damaged, it should be sent to the supply in time The shop should repair it, try not to use the damaged lens, otherwise it will be beneficial to damage the repairable lens.

When installing or replacing the reflex lens or the tight focus lens of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, do not use too much pressure, otherwise it will cause the deformation of the lens and affect the beam Quality. How to install or replace the optical lens 1) Before installing the optical lens, please pay attention: wear dry clothes. Clean your hands with belly soap or detergent, and wear light and clean white gloves: Do not use any of your hands. Bu Yi contact lens: Take the lens from the surface of the lens when you take it, and don't like to touch it directly on the coating surface of the lens. 2) When assembling the lens, do not blow the lens with your mouth: the lens should be placed on a clean table, and a piece of professional lens paper should be placed on the F surface. When taking the lens, please try to be careful to prevent bruises and falls. Any force should be applied to the plated surface of the lens: clean the lens holder skin on which the lens is installed, clean the dust and dirt on the star lens holder with a clean air spray gun, and then gently put the lens into the lens holder A. 3) When the lens is installed on the lens holder, too much force should be used to ensure that the plating film is not abundant, so as to avoid the deformation of the plating film, which will affect the light and fruit time. 4) Precautions when replacing the optical lens: Take care when taking out the lens from the packaging box to prevent damage to the lens: Do not put any pressure on the lens without opening the packaging paper: Take out the reflection from the color packaging box When removing the lens and focusing the lens, wear Qianjing gloves and take it from the side of the lens: when removing the wrapping paper from the lens, avoid dust and other objects falling on the lens: after removing the lens, use a spray gun to remove the lens. Then put the lens on the special paper for optical lens: remove the dust and dirt on the key piece support frame and the technical fixed frame, and prevent other foreign objects from falling on the lens during assembly: when installing the lens on the lens holder , Do not use excessive force to avoid lens deformation; after the lens is assembled, use a clean air spray gun to remove dust and foreign objects on the lens again. c) The steps of cleaning the lens are different. The method of cleaning the lens is different. When the mirror is flat and non-existent When the lens holder, use lens paper to clean, for example: cleaning the mirror: when the mirror surface is curved or the mirror surface has a lens holder, cotton collar should be used.

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