CAD Drafters

by:Lxshow     2020-08-03

CAD or CADD are basically the same thing. CAD means Computer Aided Drafting, and CADD is the acronym for Computer Aided Drafting Design. CAD Drafters are the individuals who use CAD Software to develop Blueprints, 2D Drawings, and 3D Models. There are several different programs available that focus primarily on one type of design. For example, there are CAD software programs that are designed specifically for Architecture, and other programs for Mechanical Drafters.

3D Architecture

With this latest advance in software, Architects are able to produce 3D Models of Architectural Blueprints. The Architect is the one responsible for all the Engineering involved in constructing buildings, and other structures. They must use materials that will stand the test of time, while maintain a certain budget. 3D Architecture is like the Architecture our fathers did, except one little difference, they didn't have computers. If they wanted to illustrate there building it would take sometimes weeks to complete, and was a tedious task. With the CAD software available now the same process can be done in a matter of seconds. The more we advance the easier it will be to design 3D Architecture.

Mechanical Drafters

Mechanical Drafters are the individuals who work with Mechanical Designs for things like Inventions, Prototypes, Sheet Metal, and CNC. CNC machines can take the data stored in CAD files and use its tools to create Machined parts, Molds, and various other things. Some machines that use CAD have lasers for cutting metal. Mechanical Designers must have the ability to foresee how parts will work together in unison. The Engineering behind some Mechanical Designs can be complex, and that's why only people educated in this field have the authority to practice it.

There are so many types of CAD Drafters and CAD Designers in the world today. Everything that is manufactured has been designed with CAD software, and I can't see this slowing down anytime soon. My father gave me a drafting board for my 8th or 9th Birthday, and I don't regret having it a bit. I'm sorry, but with the power behind these machines today, anything can be designed in less than a 1/5 of the time it used to take.Visit CAD Drafting Service-3D CAD Designers-CAM-Mechanical-Architecture to learn more about CAD Designers

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