Automatic fiber laser cutting machine turbocharged dust removal and noise reduction assembly

by:Lxshow     2021-05-16

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine turbocharged dust removal and noise reduction assembly, can go through the main turbine combination in the turbocharged assembly to complete the supercharge effect of the assembly; experience the auxiliary turbine assembly in the turbocharged assembly can be used The broken gas increases the compliance of the main turbine assembly; the speed adjustment assembly can adjust the rate of the main turbo assembly boost; the filtration assembly can filter the atmosphere in the assembly, including the turbocharge assembly and the lower bracket assembly , The filter assembly loosely punches the assembly, the main rotating rod rolls to mobilize the turbine blade to roll, and the scroll of the turbine blade accelerates the atmosphere activity in the assembly, and plays the role of turbocharging; the atmosphere at the outer end of the assembly is blown into the assembly , The vent pipe bulges into the outer frame of the main turbine, the atmosphere of a pair of turbine blades is contracted, and the drive joint of the growth center is experienced.

The easy-to-protect automatic fiber laser cutting machine for manhole cover processing includes a frame body. The appearance and behavior of the frame body continue to have a part-time table top. The frame body has a symmetrical and continuous support. The adjacent side of the support is provided with a symmetrical guide chute. The upper end of the support has a continuous top plate. The upper surface of the top plate is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder. The output end of the hydraulic cylinder runs through the top plate and continues motor. This manhole cover processing uses an automatic fiber laser cutting machine that is easy to protect. The hydraulic cylinder controls the height of the turntable. The limit rod and the limit slider play a helpful and guiding purpose, which facilitates the adjustment of the height position of the laser cutter and makes it easy to control the equipment. Part-time protection, with a regulating chute on the turntable. The gap between two laser cutters is adjusted by the regulating chute. It is suitable for cutting manhole covers with different diameters. It has a wide range of applications, facilitates application, easy protection, and lowers costs.

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