Automatic fiber laser cutting machine side feeding

by:Lxshow     2021-05-19

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine with side loading includes an automatic fiber laser cutting mechanism. The automatic fiber laser cutting mechanism includes an invariant frame. The upper part of the invariant frame is a support table. The support table is equipped with a laser part-time station. Tilting forward and backward, the upper side of the two ends of the support platform is divided into movable seat 1 and movable seat 2. The upper side of the movable seat 1 continues to have a movable frame, and the movable frame is wide apart from the side of the movable seat. The two seats are fixedly connected, and the movable frame continuously has a laser that can be moved forward and backward and can be raised and lowered; at the orbiting upward, the end of the non-changing frame facing outward is equipped with a feeding mechanism. The feeding mechanism includes a constant base, which is on the constant base. There is a constant plate on the side of the constant plate, and a hanging arm that can roll circumferentially and up and down is arranged on the top of the constant plate. The hanging arm is equipped with a geometric vacuum suction cup for absorbing the plate to be processed; It saves time and effort.

The chip network assembly of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including a frame and a plurality of receiving troughs located on the frame and directly below the workpiece processing position, and the material The bottom of the groove is provided with a chip removal port, and the rack is equipped with a network box located directly below the chip removal port; the rack is equipped with a clearing assembly that pushes the debris in the trough to the chip removal port. The clearing assembly includes The screw rod that rolls continuously on the frame and is parallel to the receiving groove, the scraper whose ribs continue on the screw, the guide rod provided on the frame for the sliding of the scraper, and the drive mechanism that sends the screw to roll, the scraper and The groove wall of the receiving groove abuts, and the guide rod is parallel to the screw. The debris generated during the laser cutting process of the workpiece will fall into the chute. When the workpiece is processed, the drive mechanism causes the scraper to move along the guide rod, thereby pushing the debris in the chute to move to At the chip removal port, the debris will fall into the network box under the use of its own gravity, which is convenient for the target of debris clearing.

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