Automatic fiber laser cutting machine shutter blade

by:Lxshow     2021-05-15

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine for shutter blades, including a frame base, the frame base includes a bottom plate, a support block I on one edge of the bottom plate, and a support block II near the edge of the other side. The support block I remains flat. Rails, flat rails are provided with greasy sliders, support block II does not have V-shaped rails, V-shaped rails are equipped with V-shaped sliders, V-shaped sliders and quiet sliders are unchanged on the reverse side of the part-time table, on the bottom plate Servo motor I remains unchanged. The output end of servo motor I continues to ball screw I. The ball screw nut on ball screw I continues with the part-time table. The frame base near the support block II continues to have uprights. There is a crossbeam perpendicular to it, and the crossbeam does not have a rail parallel to it. There is a slider on the rail, and the slider and the continuous plate remain unchanged. The continuous plate is equipped with a screw parallel to the column, and the screw on the screw Nut continuous laser cutting head. It can cut and grasp the aluminum louver to be cut in position. The flat guide rail and the V-shaped guide ensure stable movement and complete the processing of the special-shaped aluminum louver.

High-precision steel sheet automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including the cutting area, the upper part of the cutting area is provided with a laser transmitter, and the laser transmitter is provided with a steel plate on one side. Shaft, the laser transmitter is crossed with a screw rod, and one end of the screw rod is provided with a tuning turntable, and a laser transmitter invariant plate is provided on one side of the laser transmitter, and a straight line is provided on one side of the laser transmitter invariant plate. The motor layout component, and the linear motor layout member crosses the linear motor layout behavior guide rod, and the linear motor layout behavior guide rod is provided with a linear motor layout invariant plate at the lower end. The high-precision steel sheet automatic fiber laser cutting machine uses the laser transmitter to plan the up and down layout of the screw rod, and there are scales on both sides of the screw rod, so that the height of the laser transmitter can be adjusted to the correct height. In the steel plate cutting, the accuracy is guaranteed, and the laser transmitter undergoes the shift of the linear motor layout control degree, which makes it possible to greatly increase the promotion rate.

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