Automatic fiber laser cutting machine precision

by:Lxshow     2021-05-27

A strict full-automatic fiber laser cutting machine, comprising a cutting machine housing, the front side wall of the cutting machine housing is equipped with a control port, the bottom of the control port continuously has an unchanging frame. The lower appearance of one side of the variable frame is equipped with a supporting table. One side of the supporting table and the side wall of the cutting machine housing remain unchanged. When it is unchanged, through the mediation set discussion, complete the distinction between the universal wheel and the earth, improve the stability of the assembly, and experience the joint operation between the rolling table and the propulsion handle. Greatly affects the application of assembly. After the joint venture between the transparent glass plate and the constant frame, it can not only seal the control port, but also arrange a small amount of material to be processed on the transparent glass plate as a part-time station application.

A full-automatic fiber laser cutting machine in the field of double feeder, including one-sided machine bed, one-sided cutting gantry, one-sided machine head, one-sided interchangeable table, one-sided guard guard, One-sided electrical cabinets, one-sided electrical components, one-sided motor drive, one-sided chain and sprocket drive and one-sided rack and pinion drive. This discovery adopts self-contained configuration switching parts, adopts a dual-table layout, and holds a melon-based part-time job, which has a high degree of part-time compliance. Mastering the one-sided configuration of the cabinet to complete obstructive diagnosis and long-distance control can not only reduce manpower and material resources, but also shorten the time for investigation and repair and greatly improve manufacturing compliance.

A dual part-time station interchange system for large-format automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including frame, translation part-time station, interchange track, landing and part-time station and Drive assembly, the rack is provided with an interchange track and a drive assembly, the interchange track and the drive assembly are configured to match, one end of the interchange track is provided with a translational part-time station, and the other end is provided with a landing part-time station. Both the translational part-time station and the landing part-time station are continuous with the drive assembly and move towards each other under the mobilization of the drive assembly, and the landing part-time station can reach the other end of the interchange track beyond the translation part-time station. The part-time landing platform adopts a ten-wheel layout, with five wheels on one side, a total of five pairs, and a three-layer track layout of inner, middle and outer layers, so that the part-time landing platform has at least three sets of support points during the exchange process, which strengthens the part-time landing platform. The load-bearing talent in the operation process spared the lifting and landing part-time platform from collapsing and deforming during the interchange process, which caused the board to be inconsistent and affect the cutting quality.

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