Automatic fiber laser cutting machine is easy to control

by:Lxshow     2021-05-19

The easy-to-master automatic fiber laser cutting machine has spread to the automatic fiber laser cutting machine technology platform. The applicable new model includes the base, the sliding rail, the electric slider, the third baffle, the sliding block and the second handle. The two ends of the sliding rail are unchanged. There are baffles on the two sides of the sliding rail. There is a sliding groove on the surface of the sliding rail. In the sliding joint, the electric sliding block has a slotted hole on its outer surface, and the inner wall of the slotted hole continues to have a roller after the rotating shaft rolls, and the roller rolls along the chute. This new type of experience mastering slider slides on a set of card boards, so that the main body of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine can be stretched freely, and the second handle grips the card block and the card board after rolling, thereby jamming the main body of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine , Make the length of all laser cutting assembly unchanged. After electric slider mobilization, all laser cutting assembly is moved on the slide rail. It is easier for one person to operate the third handle by hand, making all laser cutting assembly easy to move, with less deviation .

The high-precision automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes a base and a cutting chamber. A linear guide rail is arranged on the inner side of the cutting frame, and one side of the linear guide rail is located inside the cutting frame and continuously has a landing gear. In the new model of this application, the cutting frame and the placement board of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine in the cutting chamber experience linear guide installation and continuous, while the gear meshing rack is driven by the servo motor to move along the linear guide, so that the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is In the process of cutting and moving, it has high cutting accuracy and consolidated application functions. At the same time, the landing gear that is placed in the cutting frame through the linear guide has the landing gear. After the cutting is realized, the landing gear can be used as the landing cylinder. The promotion of baldness that is placed on the bottom of the placement board is not only beneficial for the operator to take and get off work, but also can play a necessary role in protecting the baldness.

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