Automatic fiber laser cutting machine is based on the high efficiency of the Internet of Things

by:Lxshow     2021-05-17

The high-efficiency automatic fiber laser cutting machine based on the Internet of Things includes: a processing cavity, the top of the processing cavity is equipped with a laser cutting part, which includes: dust cover, guide plate, rodless cylinder and guide column, rodless cylinder does not Change to the guide plate, the top end of the guide post remains unchanged on the slider of the rodless cylinder, the bottom of the dust cover is provided with a through hole, the guide post slides in the through hole, and the bottom end of the guide post passes through the through hole. The bottom of the dust cover is provided with a gear and a second gear that mesh with each other. The second gear is provided with a second through hole coaxial with the through hole in the middle of the second gear. The bottom end of the guide column passes through the through hole to reach the second through hole. And the bottom of the second gear is provided with a displacement sensor and a high-definition video head. The new type of this application has the beneficial results: rapid active positioning can be completed, and the thickness of the workpiece can be verified in the middle of the processing process to automatically cure the height of the baldness, and the corresponding speed is rapid, which greatly improves the processing compliance.

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine debris network assembly, including network box, handle, placement plate, roller, hinge, and its characteristic is that the roller is set in the network At the bottom of the box, the installation board is fixedly attached to one side of the outer wall of the network box, and both ends of the installation board are fixedly fixed with supporting boards along the vertical direction of the installation board, and the supporting board is located in the network. On both sides of the box, the handle is fixed in the middle of the top of the placement plate, the top of the support plate is hinged with a magnet plate equal in length to the support plate through the hinge, and the network box is close to the A hanging plate is hinged on the top of the double-sided inner wall of the support plate, and a rubber pad is fixedly connected to the side of the hanging plate away from the hinged position, and the side of the rubber pad away from the inner wall of the network box is arranged to attract the magnet plate Magnet. The new-style layout of this application is simple, the debris can be used in the network, and the elimination of compliance is high.

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