Automatic fiber laser cutting machine infrared positioning cloth

by:Lxshow     2021-05-14

Infrared positioning cloth automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including the base body, the base body is equipped with a longitudinal conveying belt, and the base body is also equipped with a laser cutter that moves horizontally and vertically. The laser cutter has a continuous PLC controller on the conveyor belt. A longitudinally movable infrared locator that emits transverse rays and a laterally movable second infrared locator that emits longitudinal rays are arranged above the base body. The base body is also marked with Longitudinal and horizontal coordinates corresponding to the launch point of the laser cutter. This new model provides a convenient way to determine the position of the initial cutting point on the fabric of the laser cutter, and can determine the position of the pattern to be cut in the cloth guess. The infrared locator is installed and destroyed, and the operation is simple infrared positioning. Automatic fiber laser cutting machine for cloth.

The protective assembly for multi-function automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including U-shaped sliding rail, sliding tube, pulley, sliding plate, protective cover, square head bolt, can be absorbed The layout of the variable protective cloth can be hooked with the lifting and unchanging plate layout, and the sliding network box layout can be plugged in, the survey sheet, rubber pad, shielding baffle, adsorption block, protective cover and rolling rod. The sliding pipe bolts continue to be in the U The lower end of the slide rail. This device is suitable for the configuration of new pulleys, sliding plates and protective covers, which is beneficial to moving the protective cover, facilitates the movement according to the part-time position of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, and increases the moving efficiency; the configuration of the protective cover, continuous plate, shielding cloth and adsorption seat, It is beneficial to shield the radiation emitted by the automatic fiber laser cutting machine during part-time jobs, and prevent danger to part-time employees; the configuration of the invariant box, network box and U-shaped pole is beneficial to the waste generated during network cutting, and to prevent the waste generated during cutting. Part-time situation.

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