Automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes pipe with slag removal mechanism

by:Lxshow     2021-05-18

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine for pipes including the slag removal mechanism, including the main frame, the pipe feeding mechanism and the excitation baldness arranged on the main frame, the pipe feeding mechanism is used to transport the cut pipes, and the excitation baldness is used to emit the laser It also includes the No. A drive, No. C drive and the No. A drive and No. C drive that are arranged on the main frame and the No. A slide rail and the No. C slide rail that are positioned parallel to each other along the direction of pipe movement. ; On the No. C slide rail, there is a module C, which can be moved by the drive of the No. C drive. The module C is used to determine the extension length of the cutting pipe; on the slide A slide, there is a module that can be moved. The slag removing mechanism that is moved by the drive of the A drive is used to remove the condensed metal slag that occurs after part-time work.

The heat dissipation system of the high-power automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including the collecting tank, piezoelectric micro pump, filter, micro channel radiator, buffer tank, valve and draft tube , The flow-through tube between the collecting tank, piezoelectric micro-pump, filter, micro-channel radiator, buffer tank and valve continues in sequence, and is connected end to end to form a closed loop; The fins in the microchannel radiator are interlaced and arranged to shrink the width of the microchannel and improve the heat dissipation compliance of the microchannel radiator; and through the preparation of higher thermal conductivity microchannel heat dissipation materials and heat exchange working fluids, further improve heat dissipation The overall heat dissipation of the system is obeyed, so as to obtain a heat dissipation system with compact layout, strong controllability, good heat dissipation results, and suitable for high-power automatic fiber laser cutting machines.

The adjustable and invariable bracket for the automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes a base and an invariable seat. The center of the base is equipped with an invariable screw hole. A continuous turntable is arranged above, and a mounting ring is continuously arranged above the continuous turntable, a size adjustment mechanism is arranged in the center of the constant seat, and the constant seat is located on the outside of the placement ring, and both sides of the constant seat are arranged on both sides There is a locking hole, and the center of the locking hole is provided with a locking button, the outer side of the constant seat is equipped with an adjustment handle, the inner side of the size adjustment mechanism is continuously provided with an adjustment and clamping mechanism, and the center of the adjustment and clamping mechanism is equipped with a through hole A rope hole, a steel wire supporting mechanism is arranged in the center of the rope hole. The adjustable fixed bracket for this automatic fiber laser cutting machine can roll omni-directionally, which is convenient to adjust the angle of the unchanging sheet, and it is easy to hold and hold the sheet. At the same time, it can support the sheet to prevent the sheet from bending, and the application is naive High performance and cutting accuracy.

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