Automatic fiber laser cutting machine inclined surface continuous cantilever transmission idea structure

by:Lxshow     2021-05-16

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine inclined plane continuous cantilever transmission idea structure. It includes a frame and a cantilever beam. The lower rear end of the cantilever beam and the upper end of the frame are both provided with inclined end faces parallel to each other. The upper part of the rear end of the cantilever beam is provided with an upper sliding seat, and the upper sliding seat is located above the inclined end face. The upper end of the frame is provided with an upper guide rail that fits the upper sliding seat. One side of the cantilever beam is provided with an inclined plate that is flush with the inclined end surface. The lower end of the inclined plate is provided with a placement area, and the lower end of the placement area is provided with ' 7'-shaped board, the inner side of the '7'-shaped board is provided with side sliding seats, the side wall of the frame is equipped with side guide rails corresponding to the side sliding seats, and a driving motor is provided on the placement area. The output end of the motor is provided with a gear, and the side wall of the frame is provided with a rack corresponding to the gear. The new layout of this application is simple and compact, and the production is convenient. After adopting the new layout of this application, the center of gravity of the cantilever beam is brought closer to the side of the frame, which greatly improves the dynamic and static response of the cantilever beam, and has high transmission accuracy and strong bearing capacity.

The positioning assembly for the high-precision automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes a bracket. The front appearance of the bracket is provided with a clamping assembly. The clamping assembly includes a rotating shaft and an upper jaw plate. , Buckle, clamping groove, vibration button, vertical spring and lower jaw plate, the upper jaw plate and the lower jaw plate undergo continuous twisting of the rotating shaft, the buckle is installed on the top side of the upper jaw plate, and the clamping groove is arranged Inside the top of my jaw plate; through the planning of the card installation, when the positioner is damaged or destroyed, the external inspection can be carried out more quickly, which reduces the time of the repair staff, and allows the user to carry out the operation from the front. The initial verification has reduced a lot of time in the same season. After planning the retracting and assembly, it has doubled the ease of retracting and retracting the pulley. When the positioner is obstructed, it can be quickly retracted, which facilitates positioning. The external release of the locator leaves ample room for external release of the locator, which improves repair compliance.

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