Automatic fiber laser cutting machine has the function of removing sputtering and cleaning the cutting head

by:Lxshow     2021-05-18

An automatic fiber laser cutting machine with the functions of removing spatter and flushing the cutting head. It includes a base, a configuration box, a part-time box and a moving box. The base is equipped with a disposal mechanism, and the part-time box is equipped with a support rod and cutting The support rod is equipped with a flushing mechanism. The flushing mechanism includes a lifting unit, a positioning rod and a flushing block. The disposal mechanism includes a blower, aspirator and an exhaust pipe. This automatic fiber laser has the functions of removing sputtering and flushing the cutting head. The cutting machine, through the washing mechanism, can wash the cutting head more comprehensively, to remove the dust accumulated on the cutting head as much as possible, and to avoid the scattering of the laser, thereby enhancing the intensity of laser cutting and reducing the automatic fiber laser cutting The energy consumption of the machine is not only cloud and cloud, but also through the disposal mechanism, the small particles suspended in the atmosphere can be cleaned, and the laser is spared from scattering, which reduces the energy consumption of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine and increases the automatic fiber laser The suitability of the cutting machine.

A reflective cutting head for automatic fiber laser cutting machine and its mastering skills. The active focusing system is arranged on the upper part of the cutting head body, and the metal total reflection mirror is located on the active focusing On the system side, the height sensor is located at the lower end of the main body of the cutting head, and the nozzle is located at the bottom of the height sensor. The CNC and the main body of the cutting head, the height sensor, and the active focus system are continuously connected. . According to the different gap value request, CNC controls the main body of the cutting head to move, CNC also controls the active focus system to change the divergence angle of the spot to complete the control of the core; this discovery completes the entire cutting process from perforation to completion of the core and perforation time. Mastering, no manual intervention is required. At the same time, the use of metal total reflection mirrors replaces all non-metallic collimating lenses and focusing lenses, which can be suitable for high-power lasers and can complete rapid cooling.

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