Automatic fiber laser cutting machine CNC cutting gas pressure adjustment

by:Lxshow     2021-05-16

A cutting gas pressure regulator for a CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machine, a metal cutting equipment platform, including air inlet, QPS three-stage tight atmosphere filter, pressure reducing valve, one-way valve, solenoid valve A, solenoid Valve B and air outlet are characterized in that the air inlet goes through the QPS three-stage tight atmosphere filter, divided into continuous pressure reducing valve, solenoid valve B, pressure reducing valve continuous solenoid valve A, solenoid valve A continuous one-way Valve, check valve continuous air outlet, solenoid valve B also continuous air outlet, solenoid valve A, solenoid valve B complete electrical continuous with the electronic control system, the electronic control system is placed in the electronic control box next to the CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machine . According to the processing requirements, this new model uses an electronic control system to adjust the pressure of the cutting gas, low-pressure perforation, and high-pressure cutting. It is spared the blowout caused by excessive cutting gas pressure. It saves 70% of the help gas compared with ancient technology, which is greatly reduced Processing costs and improving processing quality.

A highly liberated and adjustable automatic fiber laser cutting machine roller base, including a roller frame, the top of the roller frame is equipped with a vertical chute on both sides, both sides An H-shaped sliding piece is arranged between the vertical chutes. The H-shaped sliding piece includes a double-sided sliding block and a support plate for continuous double-sided sliding block. The upper end of the double-sided sliding block is equipped with a roller shaft and a supporting roller is arranged on the roller shaft. The supporting roller frame under the H-shaped sliding part is provided with a bottom plate, a manual hydraulic cylinder is provided on the bottom plate, the upper end of the manual hydraulic cylinder continuously supports the plate, the bottom surface of the support plate is provided with upper hooks, and both sides of the bottom plate are provided with lower The hook piece, the upper and lower hook pieces experience a return tension spring that continues. The advantage of this discovery compared with the prior art is that this discovery has undergone manual hydraulic cylinder and reset tension spring to complete accurate adjustment. After the adjustment is in place, the assembly can be tightened and fastened quickly, which is convenient, labor-saving and accurate.

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