Automatic fiber laser cutting machine can automatically load materials

by:Lxshow     2021-05-17

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine with active material loading, including automatic fiber laser cutting mechanism, automatic fiber laser cutting mechanism including invariable frame, the upper part of the invariable frame is a support table, and there is a laser part-time table on the support table. The feature is that the upper side of the two ends of the support table is movably provided with a movable seat 1 and a movable seat 2. The upper side of the movable seat 1 continues to have a movable frame, and the movable frame is wide apart from the movable seat. One end is fixedly connected with the orbiting moving seat, and the moving frame is continuously equipped with a laser that can move forward and backward and can be raised and lowered; on the orbital bias upward, the end of the non-changing frame facing outward is equipped with a feeding mechanism, and the feeding mechanism is equipped with a geometric function Vacuum chuck for absorbing the plate to be processed; this is suitable for new-style feeding and labor-saving, improving part-time obedience, the height of the laser is adjustable, and suitable for a wide range of limitations.

Self-inspection and teaching automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including the bed, the bed is equipped with part-time components, the part-time components can negotiate the X-axis drive concept and the Y-axis drive concept Under mobilization, it is divided to move along the X-axis deflection and Y-axis deflection. The part-time component includes a vertical placement board. The two sides of the placement board are divided into a bald stimulus component and a probe component. Drive the screw nut mechanism to mobilize the bald head to rise and fall; the probe assembly contains a spring probe, and the second motor drives the second screw nut mechanism to mobilize the spring probe to rise and fall; experience the internal sensor of the spring probe to sense the displacement of the workpiece In order to draw the appearance description of the workpiece in the numerical control system of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, and then describe the action according to the appearance of the workpiece. The benefits of this discovery: Finished laser cutting of curved panels in a low-cost environment.

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine high and low steel plate boom, spreading to the steel processing platform, including the boom body, the boom body is composed of two trapezoidal main boards and two side seals A box-type layout formed by welding plates, reinforced partitions are arranged between the trapezoidal main boards, a lifting ring is welded on the upper part of the boom main body, and the outer side of the trapezoidal main board is symmetrically and equidistantly welded with lifting noses. The boom main body The whole is welded with high carbon steel material. This is suitable for new-style box-type welding. It reduces the weight of the boom in an environment that guarantees the overall strength of the boom is quiet and uniform. The lifting nose bundled steel cables with different spacing can be selected according to the size of the lifting steel plate to ensure the safety of the steel plate when lifting. Average.

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