Automatic fiber laser cutting machine automatic coil material

by:Lxshow     2021-05-27

A full-automatic fiber laser cutting machine, in detail, it is an active roll material full-automatic fiber laser cutting machine, which belongs to the laser cutting technology platform. It includes an uncoiler, a two-in-one strict leveling feeder and a fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine. The feed end of the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine is continuously leveled and the feeder remains unchanged, and the leveling feeder remains unchanged. Two-in-one strict leveling feeder, two-in-one strict leveling feeder is equipped with a decoiler in front of the feeder. This new layout is simple, compact, and reasonable. It can complete active feeding during cutting, reducing the time for manual operation, so as to ensure personal safety, improve task conditions, reduce task intensity, reduce raw material consumption, and reduce manufacturing. Old-fashioned, progressive manufacturing obedience and manufacturing efficiency.

A CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including a body, a beam arranged on the body, a cutting head arranged on the beam, and a beam on the body The X-axis and X-axis buffer and anti-collision components, the Y-axis and Y-axis buffer and anti-collision components provided on the fuselage, and the Z-axis and Z-axis buffer and anti-collision components provided on the fuselage; There are X-axis stator, X-axis mover and X-axis grating ruler; the Y-axis is provided with Y-axis stator, Y-axis mover and Y-axis grating ruler; the Z-axis is provided with Z-axis stator, Z-axis Axial mover and Z-axis grating ruler; the cutting head includes: a fiber continuous block, a collimating component located below the fiber continuous block, a cluster component located below the collimating component, and a guard lens box located below the focusing component , The sensor located under the guard mirror box and the cutting nozzle located under the sensor. The discovered CNC fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine has a fast transmission speed and high positioning accuracy, which demonstrates the results of the promotion of obedience and accuracy.

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