Automatic fiber laser cutting machine and its composite beam

by:Lxshow     2021-05-18

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine and its composite beam belong to the technology platform of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine. The automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes a composite beam, a cutting drive and a cutting head; the cutting drive mechanism drives the cutting head to move along the upper and vertical deflection of the composite beam; the composite beam includes a beam body, and The two beam bases are symmetrically arranged under the two ends of the beam body; the beam body is extruded and formed by aluminum alloy; the beam base is welded and formed by steel plates. This new type of composite beam is made of steel and aluminum. It combines the advantages of steel and aluminum alloy. The body of the beam is made of aluminum alloy and the base of the beam is made of steel. The overall weight of the beam is lighter and the dynamic and static functions are better. , And continuous one-sided rigidity is better, long time application, strong stability and anti-shock.

The guide frame of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, through the roller mechanism, can facilitate the movement and change of the assembly, facilitate the handling and application of the assembly, and experience the motor mobilization drive gear to drive The action on the cogging completes the front and rear actions of the laser cutting gun, and the second motor mobilizes the drive block to move around in the chute to complete the action of the laser cutting gun. It has a high degree of accuracy. This new model provides a convenient movement. And it is suitable for the guide frame of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine for general parts manufacturing applications.

The module uses an automatic fiber laser cutting machine, which can cut by itself to prevent the edge of the module from winding after cutting, improve the assembly accuracy of the module, reduce the potential safety hazard, and improve the application Reliability; and can easily change the cutting head, reducing the scope of application; including left side plate, right side plate, top plate, bottom plate, four sets of legs, cutting head and grid plate; including adjusting motor, adjusting screw, arrangement plate, Sliding block, continuous plate, two sets of left invariant blocks, two sets of right invariable blocks, left slider, right slider, support plate, gear motor, two sets of electric cylinders and adjustment plate; also includes left baffle and right Plate, left pre-tensioning plate, right pre-tensioning plate, two sets of left telescopic rods, two sets of right telescopic rods, left telescopic block, right telescopic block, left spring, right spring, left rib rod, right rib rod, left reinforcement plate, Right reinforcement plate, left arc-shaped splint and right arc-shaped splint, the top of the left baffle is continuous with the left side of the bottom end of the regulating plate.

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