Automatic fiber laser cutting machine adopts new PLC control system

by:Lxshow     2021-05-26

A new full-automatic fiber laser cutting machine adopting PLC control system, including base and machine tool, also includes drag chain, supporting sawtooth, welding beam, cutting head assembly and feeding balls. The front and rear sides of the machine are equipped with feeding balls and Drag chains, continuous feeding sawtooth on drag chains, welding beams are arranged in the middle of the machine tool, and slide rails are provided on the welding beams, and the cutting head components experience the sliding of the bottom slider and continue on the slide rails. In this discovery, the PLC is mastered. The software on the fiber cutting machine can improve cutting accuracy, while avoiding manual manipulation, reducing manual costs and unexpected hazards.

A discussion of cutting nozzle conversion for automatic fiber laser cutting machine, its characteristic is: it contains a base that is continuous with the rib of the cutting nozzle, and the middle of the bottom of the base is set There is an inner rib that cooperates with the cutting nozzle. A cone is provided on the top of the base, and a limit baffle is provided on the top of the cone. A rib head continuous with the cutting head is provided above the limit baffle. The surface of the rib head is provided with The outer rib of the cutting head is equipped with a through hole communicating with the cutting nozzle in the middle of the rib head, the limit baffle and the cone; this is suitable for the new type of cutting nozzle, which can be suitable for two different cutting heads, reducing the old inventory. This is convenient for management and can complete the purpose of absorbing the impact force.

A beam layout for a standard tabletop automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including the beam layout main body, and the continuous parts on both sides of the beam layout main body remain unchanged in the cutting machine. On the machine tool, the sliding block at the bottom of the continuous part can slide on the machine tool of the cutting machine. One side of the main body of the beam layout is equipped with a laser continuous part. The laser cutting assembly on the main body of the beam layout is equipped with circular threading holes on the continuous part, which is convenient for the discharge of various incoming and outgoing wires, making the wiring more portable and convenient for general protection and management.

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