Automatic conversion device for gas path of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-16

Pneumatic path active conversion assembly and automatic fiber laser cutting machine including the pneumatic path active conversion assembly. The pneumatic path active conversion assembly includes an air supply assembly and an active switching assembly; the air supply assembly includes a three-way reversing ball valve and nitrogen supply The pipeline, the atmosphere supply pipeline and the gas outlet pipeline, the nitrogen supply pipeline, the atmosphere supply pipeline and the gas outlet pipeline are divided into continuous three-way reversing ball valves; the active switching components include the torsion disc, the sensor switch, the torsion disc rolling drive assembly and steering The light signal control board, the torsion disk is the torsion shaft of the continuous three-way reversing ball valve, the torsion disk is driven by the continuous torsion disk, which is used to mobilize the torsion disk to roll to bring the torsion shaft to roll and switch the air supply path; feel that there are two switches The division of the feel switch is close to the configuration of the torsion disc to feel the rolling position of the torsion disc; the division of the turn signal control board and the feel switch and the roll drive assembly of the torsion disc are electrically continuous.

The smoke exhaust mechanism of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes a laser base and a part-time area. The lower end surface of the laser base is equipped with a cutting head, and the cutting head is located in the part-time area. Above the field, the outer center position of the laser block has continuous ribs, and there are blowing pipes running through the invariable plate. Both sides of the part-time area are equipped with side plates. The part-time area is cut apart. A continuous seat is constantly arranged on one side surface of the head, the bottom rib of the continuous seat is continuously provided with a purification bottle, and the upper end of the purification bottle is equipped with a suction pipe. This new type of experience is equipped with a series of layouts so that the assembly can perform part-time work on the laser base during the application process, which is beneficial to guard the laser, and can blow smoke and particles away from the cutting head in a targeted manner, which can be useful Prevent the harmful effects of smoke and particles on the cutting head, ensuring the function of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine.

The main technical plan of the circular mold automatic fiber laser cutting machine is to include the bed. The upper part of the bed is equipped with beams, and the beams are configured at the lower part of the bed. There is a round mold part-time table, on the round mold part-time table, there is a torsion transmission mechanism for adjusting the position of the circular pressing round knife template, and the constant light path layout for processing the round pressing round knife template is arranged on the beam. The torsion transmission concept structure includes a driving motor and a partial beam continuously arranged on the output shaft of the driving motor, and a sliding support continuous on the partial beam for placing a circular knife template. This discovery resolves the question of the short application life of the round-die part-time station on the existing round-die automatic fiber laser cutting machine.

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