Australians may soon be living in 3D printed houses

by:Lxshow     2020-04-03
The 3D printer allows you to print on metal and wood.
The Wall Street Journal focuses on the latest developments in 3D technology.
3D printing mansion in China.
Source: facebookdragon Alians may soon be living in a 3D printed house, and now there is the technology to achieve this.
Dr. Hank Houller, senior architecture lecturer at the University of New South Wales, said that it is possible to build 3D printed houses technically, but the key is to find the right customers, developers and builders to build the property
\"I think it will happen for sure. . .
\"I think in five to ten years we will see more and more 3D printed house buildings and nodes,\" Dr. Haeusler told the news . \". com. au.
Researchers at RMIT have developed a 3D printing structure node that can be used to connect building components, such as flat concrete walls, and 3D printing has been used in cars and aircraft manufacturing, as well as in other industries, he said.
While still in the experimental phase, the ability of 3D printers to build house components has been demonstrated and the architects are working to improve the technology.
Researchers at the University of Southern California have been developing Contour production technology for more than 10 years, and Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis says his goal is to build from foundation to roof in less than 24 hours.
He told Time in 2003, \"Our goal is to be able to buildstorey 185-square-
You can return to the scene in a day, without manpower.
\"He wants to develop a giant printer that can print a whole house at a time.
Professor Khoshnevis told the news. com.
Au believes that construction entry-level 3D presses will be available for sale in the next few years, but extensive testing is required before obtaining technical certification.
\"One should realize that the basic shell of a building can be built with the original 3D printing.
\"There is more in the house,\" says Professor hoshnives . \".
In fact, 3D printing can reduce the cost of building a traditional home by 10 cents, he said.
But for simple houses, such as low-income houses or emergency shelters, their savings may be higher.
The process of robots building houses automatically from scratch.
Contour production.
Source: last year, WinSun Decoration Design Engineering launched its feature in China, printing 10 houses in just 24 hours using what it calls the world\'s largest 3D printer.
The total cost of this business? Just $US5000 ($AU6494)per house.
Although the houses have only one room, the company also claims to have built a five
It is reported that this is \"the highest 3D printing building in the world\" and is also a 3D printing building costing about US dollars ($AU209,111).
Four large printers in WinSun use a combination of recycled materials and concrete to build walls.
Concrete layered pipes on top of each other, similar to squeezing icing from pastry bags to create walls.
Then assemble the walls on site.
Professor Khoshnevis said that the unique advantage of a 3D printed house is the flexibility of the building, which Dr. Haeusler agrees.
\"Time will tell us if 3D printing will really be cheaper, but it is certainly possible to design and build complex shapes,\" said Dr. Haeusler . \".
In fact, Dr. Haeusler believes that the main benefit of 3D printing is that it has the potential to create non-Standard shape.
Dr. Haeusler said that if architect Jorn Utzon was now trying to build the Sydney Opera House, he would definitely consider using 3D technology.
While 3D printed houses may end up being a cheaper option as labor costs rise, it still uses traditional building materials such as concrete, he said.
\"I don\'t think it makes much sense for a house in bog standard suburban Australia, because you can easily buy design components, like bricks, from stores like Bunnings.
But if you want to design and build a house like the Opera House where you can\'t get the components, 3D printing becomes an advantage.
Dr. Haeusler said that once more people start using it, 3D printing will become an attractive alternative if the cost of hiring builders continues to rise, which will be
\"At the moment, it will not contribute to affordable housing because technology has not yet reached a stage where it can be used for large-scale commercial production.
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