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1. When disassemble the surface of precision parts, should be especially careful to protect these parts of surface to avoid damage. 2. Open the machine parts of surface which would be rust and intend to be stored outside of machine more than a few hours, must be well protected and coated with oil, or coated with rust inhibitor. 3. Disassemble the machine parts with bearing surface and machined surface, should lay a wooden plate on the ground to prevent a direct contact between precision work surfaces and ground. 4. Before equipping parts on screening machine should be cleaning and oiling in advance. 5. Percussion of hammer direct to parts is not allowed when loading and unloading process, there must be copper stick or other pad between hammer and parts. It should be special attention to the damage and cracks of casting parts because of percussion. Sometimes the cracks of these parts would exist after operation heating only. 6. When the bearing is damaged, it is best to replace two of bearing at the same time. If due to limited condition, can not replace both two of bearing, should disassemble all the bearing, clean them and then do the installation. 7. When install a new vibrating screen mesh, must make the connection between screen mesh and screen box angle steel or groove steel firmed, and tighten them. Main characteristics of this equipment: 1. The side plate and the beam of ZSR hot ore vibrating screen are made of high quality and heat -resisting stainless steel and they are connected firmly by ring groove rivet. That's all for the high temperature of those materials under screening. 2. Special equipment is designed to fix the screen plate in order to make it work normally under high temperature. It is characteristic by the firm structure, the stable performance, the low noise and the high efficiency The above are the suggestions to the maintenance of vibrating screen for mining use. If you have other questions about the mining screens or crushing machines, such as jaw crusher, high frequency screen or powder-grinding machines and ore dressing machines, etc, please don't hesitate to contact us, you will get satisfied answers. Vibratory feeder:http://www.hxjqchina.com/product-list_14.html Classifiers:http://www.hxjq-crusher.com/22.html
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