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by:Lxshow     2020-05-06
From western big development, post-disaster reconstruction, the integration of urban and rural areas and a number of national Twelfth Five-Year Plan for infrastructure development, at the big background the research and development of large, high efficiency, energy saving and strong competitive professional gravel new equipment will promote the enterprise from the size, capacity, technology and service concept. Believe in this direction and the thought of development progressing unremittingly, Hongxing machinery will get the higher rating and honor than' the national best quality jaw crusher'. In the developing plan of the future, Henan Hongji require all employees to realize the importance of meeting customer requirements of personalized gravel equipment, ensuring product diversification, providing the best overall solution for customers achieving the minimum cost, maximizing profits and timely perfect after-sales service and other aspects. Survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest. Henan Hongji jaw crusher is the equipment experienced market brutal test, either in the aggregate production, or in concrete mixing station, concrete mixing stations, jaw crusher plays its unique advantages. Jaw crusher is suitable for crushing various minerals and rocks of moderate hardness. The series of jaw crusher equipment has the advantages of reliable structure, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, economic and other characteristics, which meets the production demand from various aspects. Vibrating screen has the advantages of reliable structure, strong exciting force, high screen efficient, small vibrating noise, simple maintenance, safe operation and so on. but we should how to maintain it in the work. First, when the equipment works normally, we often should observe pulp density of the sieve, to make concentration be control at about 40%, so as to improve classification efficiency.
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