Application of Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine in Metal Lighting and Tube

by:Lxshow     2021-07-11

The processing principle of fiber laser cutting machine is based on the use of numerical control technology. Foreword of laser processing, the processing material melts and improves physical deformation when the laser is irradiated to reach the processing goal.

Fiber laser cutting machine markings must be applied to leather fabric manufacturers. The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine is that it can quickly engrave and hollow out all kinds of patterns in various leather fabric manufacturers, and The operation is naive and will not cause any deformation of the leather appearance to show the color and texture of the leather itself. Therefore, it is very popular with processing and production factories such as shoe materials, shoe uppers, bags, leather goods, handbags, and leather clothing.

The ancient textile fabric construction process requires later processing such as grinding, hot stamping, embossing, and the fiber laser cutting machine burning flower is convenient and fast in this regard. , The pattern change is naive, the pattern is clear, and the three-dimensional impression is strong. It can fully illustrate the substantial texture of various fabrics, and the advantages of durability. Therefore, the fiber laser cutting machine embroidery must conform to the enterprises: fabric deep processing plants, textile fabrics reorganization processing plants , Tailoring and dressing factories, fabrics and supplied materials processing enterprises.

After the laser irradiated by the numerical control of the fiber laser cutting machine, the dye of the denim can not be vaporized, so that various denim fabric manufacturers can create a pattern that will not fade, gradual flower shape, cat Must be frosted and other results. Fiber laser cutting machine denim spray processing is an emerging, rich processing profit and environmental trend space, so it is most suitable for denim dressing factories, washing plants, processing enterprises and other enterprises and unilaterally holding denim series products and appreciation deep processing.

In the fiber laser cutting machine factory, the laser cutting process has not only become a sharp 'knife' in the production industry, but also the metal side cabinets, Metal tables and chairs are probably hard and soft curvaceous coffee tables, and metal screens and small sides of the hollow plan are inseparable from the fiber laser cutting machine.

Lighting plays a tense role in the common survival scene of contemporary times. The use of lamps and lanterns was not limited to the scope of lighting, more time played for decoration purposes. The avant-garde and simple lighting plan is to add luster to our usual survival. Today's lamps and lanterns also use almost all materials: fabric, stainless steel, wood and so on. These fiber laser cutting machines can do it.

Fiber laser cutting machine is used in the production of metal lighting. In addition to reducing the manpower payment, it can also carry out carving, beveling and other steps in the processing and production, which is more stressful However, the pipe processed by the fiber laser cutting machine does not need to be subject to a second punishment, and these parts can be used in the next process immediately. This person does not know it, unknowingly, and reduces a large number of unnecessary complications. The fiber laser cutting machine is relatively large in the early stage of the small factory, but it is a piece of equipment that is eye-catching, can run things without interruption for 24 hours, and can achieve cutting requests with high obedience and high precision. Zhou Mi thought about it as an account worthy of long-term care.

The fiber laser cutting machine adopts movable laser cutting, the processing area is large, and the negative pressure crawler working area is equipped with orbital feeding and rewinding assembly, so that the unwinding, cutting, Receiving material is like a broken bamboo. The large ground reduces the time between processes, improves work compliance and processing output, and can completely and independently realize all the actions and functions of pipes from feeding, length measurement to laser cutting, and then to blanking. Pipe processing and construction. equipment.

The fiber laser cutting machine is a high-tech application technology of contemporary industrial revolution. It is an industrial-grade production equipment with a high application rate in countries such as Taixi. It has experienced The mastery of the computer program, with superior flexible processing, has largely replaced the die stamping joints in the sheet metal processing process, optimized the production process, and promoted the irreplaceable use in the field of machine and equipment production.


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