Angle-adjustable cutting table for automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-27

A cutting table for angle-adjustable automatic fiber laser cutting machine. The cutting table body includes a vertical column and a cross bar arranged on the upper edge of the column. The cross bar and the upper edge of the column are fixedly connected. The head and tail of the cross bar are constant and continuous. A cross bar is hinged with a behave plate. It is equipped with a support rod, and a cross rod perpendicular to the cross rod of the continuous behavior plate is equipped with double rubber rollers. The center position of the column is equipped with a groove notch, and a material receiving plate is clamped on the groove notch. Compared with the prior art, this discovery has the following advantages: one end of the workpiece to be cut rests on the behavior plate, the other end undergoes the same double rubber rollers, the behavior plate can be adjusted for angle, and the double rubber rollers can also experience the position on the placement groove. Different placement positions are used to complete the adjustment, so that the workpiece to be cut can be completed at a fixed angle, and the lower part of the receiving plate can be cut by the molten drip caused by the network cutting, and will not damage the cutting table or the surrounding conditions.

A closed interactive table top automatic fiber laser cutting machine adopting new machine tools, including front part-time station and rear part-time station, between the front part-time station and the rear part-time station The gear continues, and the outer part of the front part-time table is closed and set to close the sheet metal. The front part-time table includes machine tools and cutting part-time tables. Above the cutting part-time table, there is a horizontal beam layout, and the beam layout is equipped with a movable sliding table. The sliding table is equipped with a laser cutting head. The outer side of the closed sheet metal is equipped with a circuit control box and a laser transmitter. The laser transmitter continues to the laser cutting head. The outer side of the closed sheet metal is also equipped with a cutting control system. Moving the sliding table includes moving The sliding table pulley machine negotiates a dust cover. The machine tool side of the front part-time table is equipped with a drive chain and a sliding track, and the drive chain is equipped with a responsive drive sprocket.

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