analysis on china\'s laser processing products market

by:Lxshow     2020-03-04
According to the annual statistics of laser subsidiaries
China Association of optical and optoelectronic manufacturers, sales of laser processing equipment has maintained rapid growth in China in recent years.
The development and growth of the laser processing market has benefited from a series of public awareness activities, including marketing activities, exhibitions, popularization and user training in the Chinese market, bringing confidence to Chinese users to adopt this advanced manufacturing technology, this also creates a good market environment for the wide application of laser processing technology.
At present, there are more than 200 laser processing machine manufacturers in China, supported by a strong industrial labor force of nearly 20,000 employees, of which 50% are technicians, experts with middle to senior technical titles accounted for 30%.
At the same time, China\'s industrial development has also attracted people\'s attention and attention.
Many laser processing equipment manufacturers overseas.
According to estimates, at present 1 ~ 4KW laser cutting machine sales in the Chinese market has reached 300 ~ 350 units, of which China may supply more than 200 units, and the rest (over 100)
From Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Belgium and other foreign countries.
The largest producer in China is Shanghai United Prima Laser Machinery Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
Global output ranked eighth, with an annual order volume of more than 100 units.
Other major producers are China Laser Engineering. Ltd.
Jinan jiemai Numerical Control Engineering Co. , Ltd. Ltd.
Shenyang Prima Laser Machine Co. , Ltd. Ltd.
Jiangsu jinfangyuan Co. , Ltd. Ltd, etc.
At present, the sales of laser marking machines have covered more than 50% of the sales of laser processing machines in China, occupying a large share in the Chinese market, and the application industry has also greatly expanded, the scope of application is even much wider than overseas.
Its annual sales are about 4000 ~ 5000 machines. The well-
China\'s famous marking machine manufacturer is Hanshi laser, huachong laser, Chutian Laser, Daheng laser, Guilin star laser, Zhende laser and other companies.
25w ~ 100W laser processing machine mainly refers to the application of 25w ~ 100W CO2 laser and X-Desktop work
The desktop system also refers to the type of application Nd: YAG laser integrated with the vibration mirror.
It can be used for engraving works, including inner carving, cutting, piercing, embroidery and cutting processing.
The annual output is about 6,000, which occupies China\'s vast market and has been exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, Africa and other regions. The well-
Known producers of X-Y work-
The Taiwan machine has Zhejiang Bo laser, Guangdong Yueming laser and Wuhan gold laser.
Laser Cladding Technology and Equipment
The laser processing technology of manufacturing industry facing the regeneration industry mainly adopts 5KW ~ 10KW high CO2-
Power laser and its system.
Annual sales of about 100 sets.
One of the more prominent companies in this regard is Dalu laser.
They apply laser microforming and Cladding Technology to practice and are widely used in the industrial field.
At the same time, the company also produces laser equipment and equipment, becoming a leading enterprise in China. Other well-
Wuhan Jintian laser, huachong laser, Unity laser and other well-known enterprises.
The application of laser welding technology and equipment in China is expanding rapidly, and its sales are only lower than marking and cutting.
It is mainly used in batteries, electrical appliances, measuring instruments, hardware, steel, aerospace, automobile and other industries. .
At present, the market capacity is 600 ~ 800 sets.
Its application is divided into three categories: the first category is used for welding purposes of mobile phone batteries, capacitors, electrical appliances, measuring instruments and electrical appliances.
The second category is mainly used for laser welding purposes of diamond saw blades.
Of all diamond cutting machines used in infrastructure construction, diamond saw blades are the parts that consume the most, and the demand is about $3 billion.
In addition, with the development of various infrastructure construction, air conditioning installation and stone industry in China, the annual demand for Saw Blades is about 1 billion yuan.
Therefore, Chinese enterprises are encouraged to join in laser welding technology and equipment production.
The current annual export volume is about $30 million.
The third category is laser.
Welding boards, widely used in the steel industry, segmented welding of automobile boards and welding of various shell parts.
It is estimated that this market may be more noteworthy in the future.
Chinese enterprises producing such systems include huachong laser, Shanghai Unity Prima Laser, Wuhan Chutian Laser, etc.
Compared with the International Laser processing system, China\'s laser processing system has not caught up, accounting for only 2% of global output.
These shortcomings are mainly manifested in the following: One point is not even high
Laser Processing System; main-
The force laser is still not qualified; micro-
Shortage of laser processing equipment.
However, Chinese manufacturers are steadily accumulating strength to move forward, and there is a lot of room for growth in the Chinese market.
It is predicted that sales in China will be in the next 2-3 years from 1.
RMB 5 billion in 2004. e.
Production will reach 3 billion yuan.
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