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Analysis of common sense of guide rail of fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-06-22

It is not surprising to trust friends about fiber laser cutting machines, but do you know about common sense analysis of guide rails of fiber laser cutting machines? Let's talk about it next.

Because of the difference in the width of the customer processed plates, the length of the horizontal and vertical guide rails is also different. The length of the horizontal span is between 4m-8m. Of course, if the customer has a license request, we also provide a gift service. The length of the longitudinal guide rail is 6m as standard. If the customer thinks that the length is insufficient, it can be increased.

There are two important vertical guide rails in the current environmental trend: one is a 24kg 'worker' type rail, and the other is an 18kg 'T' type rail. The guide rails used by our flame plasma fiber laser cutting machine are officially these two types of guide rails. We will select the 'I' type guide rail or the 'T' type guide rail according to the customer's request. The growth length of the two longitudinal guide rails is 2.5m per section. To make an analogy: the length of the longitudinal guide rail of the large flame plasma fiber laser cutting machine manufactured by our company is 6m, but if the length of the customer's cutting board is 7m, If it's spicy, you have to add a section of guide rail. And so on.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the CNC fiber laser cutting job, the installation process of the bus rail must be careful and serious. When we set up the guide rail, we use the knot as the fixed pile, and each subsequent knot is mainly knotted, so that the knots are flat. After finishing the second knot, measure it with a degree ruler. After arriving at the request, the third is pneumatic. Rack, and so on.

Which ingredients affect the accuracy of the optical fiber laser cutting machine?

What components affect the accuracy of the flame fiber laser cutting machine? I believe that there are many people around me who don't really inquire, but we think there are four major components that matter. Let's take a look all the way.

1. Because the flame cutting rate is slow, the preheating time is long, and the steel plate absorbs excessive heat, which will cause thermal deformation. It can be wrongly handled when configuring the fiber laser cutting machine according to the style and history of the part.

2. In the cutting process, the internal stress of the material will follow the removal of the material, and part of the internal stress will be released and spread again, which will cause the displacement and deformation of the steel plate and cause the cutting size to be out of tolerance.

3. If the flatness of the plate is not good, the size will change after cutting;

4. For the long and wide parts with large length and width, use the common edge cutting , The technique of cutting the long side first, and then cutting the short end after the steel plate has cooled.

What kinds of fiber laser cutting machines are there?

The characteristics and application environment of various fiber laser cutting machines, from the relative cutting method:

CNC flame cutting machine has low cutting cost and has the ability to cut large thickness carbon steel. However, it has large cutting deformation, low cutting accuracy, slow cutting speed, long preheating time for cutting, long perforation time, etc., and it is difficult to meet the needs of fully automated control. Its application is limited to carbon steel. For large-thickness sheet cutting, I only think that plasma cutting will finally be substituted for medium and thin carbon steel sheets.

CNC laser cutting machine, high cutting accuracy and fast speed are its characteristics, but laser cutting machine is expensive and expensive, so laser cutting machine is only suitable for places with high precision requirements for thin plate cutting.

CNC fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine has a wide cutting platform, which can cut all kinds of metal plates, the cutting speed is fast, the compliance is high, and the cutting speed can reach more than 10m/min. Adopt sophisticated plasma cutting to make the cutting quality close to the level of laser cutting. With the maturity of high-power plasma cutting technology, the cutting thickness has exceeded 150 mm, which expands the cutting limits of the CNC fiber laser cutting machine.

Numerical control high-pressure water jet cutting machine, suitable for cutting all kinds of materials, with rigid cutting precision, not easy to produce thermal deformation, and the cutting method is environmentally friendly. However, its cutting rate is relatively slow, obedience is not high, and the cost is high.

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