Advantages of fully automatic fiber laser cutting

by:Lxshow     2021-05-25

Fully automatic fiber laser cutting Hebei fiber laser cutting machine 3D laser cutting advantages Traditional cutting technology methods include flame cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, wire cutting and punch processing, etc. 1. Narrow slits, high precision, The roughness of the slit is good, and there is no need for further processing after cutting. As a new technology in recent years, laser cutting is to irradiate a laser beam with a high energy density to the workpiece to be processed, so that it is locally heated and melted, and then use high-pressure gas to blow off the slag to form a slit. Laser cutting has the following advantages. 2. The laser processing system itself is a computer system, which can be conveniently arranged and modified, and is suitable for individualized processing, especially for some sheet metal parts with complex contours. There are many batches and small batches, and the product life cycle is not long. From the perspective of technology, economic cost and time, it is not cost-effective to manufacture molds, and laser cutting is particularly advantageous. 3. Laser processing has a large energy density, short action time, small heat-affected zone, small thermal deformation, and small thermal stress. The laser is non-mechanical contact processing and has no mechanical stress on the workpiece, which is suitable for precision processing.

The high energy density of the fully automatic fiber laser cutting laser is enough to melt any metal, and it is especially suitable for processing some materials that are difficult to process with high hardness, high brittleness, and high melting point. 5. The processing cost is low. The one-time investment in equipment is more expensive, but continuous and large-scale processing ultimately reduces the processing cost of each part. 6. The laser is non-contact processing, with small inertia and fast processing speed. It is time-saving and convenient to program with CAD/CAM software of the CNC system, and the overall efficiency is high. 7. The laser has a high degree of automation, can be completely enclosed for processing, has no pollution, and has low noise, which greatly improves the working environment of the operator. Some large-scale manufacturers took the lead in introducing advanced foreign five-axis laser cutting machines, which greatly improved the process. Three-dimensional laser cutting uses the flexible and fast action performance of industrial robots. According to the size of the workpiece to be cut by the user, you can choose The robot is installed upright or upside down to teach programming or offline programming for different products and different trajectories. The sixth axis of the robot is loaded with a fiber laser cutting head for three-dimensional cutting of irregular workpieces; the fiber laser cutting head is equipped with a follow-up device and optical path The transmission device uses an optical fiber to transmit the laser to the cutting head, and then uses a focusing system to focus. Multiple sets of focusing systems have been developed for plates of different thicknesses to cut a variety of three-dimensional metal plates in multiple directions to meet customer needs.

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