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Shenhu Town underwear industry, 80 originated in the early 20th century, accompanied by the introduction of reform and opening-up policy, hard-working and courageous people of Shanghai and Shenzhen model of family workshops started, started underwear products rely mainly on long-distance bus to detour taken to the Guangdong Province, Hoi Luk Fung , Huidong, or northward along the sales of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The mid-80s, Shanghai and Shenzhen villagers to the town of Hoi underwear sample into Hong Kong market; through 'Matheson' agent into Africa, the Middle East, South America and other Third World countries, to Shanghai and Shenzhen underwear to the world laid a good foundation. Late 80's, underwear manufacturers, such as the rapid development springing up, weaving plant, ribbon plant, printing plant, wire plant and other related supporting industries have emerged, Lingerie industry scale growing. To enhance the underwear industry, management, and regulate the industry competitive practices, to safeguard the common interests of the industry to promote the healthy development of the underwear industry, August 8, 1998, the Shenzhen and Shanghai Association of the town set up shorts. Shorts Association has organized a large-scale enterprises to participate in trade fairs at home and abroad to effectively exploit domestic and foreign markets and enhance the Shenzhen and Shanghai underwear industry's international reputation. In 1999, the town party committee and government that 'a pair of shorts way in the world', the underwear industry policy to give support, to date, the town of underwear production and development to the Shanghai and Shenzhen 200 more than a total investment of 2.5 billion, annual production value of 30 billion, and exports 2.8 billion. Second, supporting industries ranging, well-known rising The town party committee and government based on their property by bigger, stronger company, adhere to market-oriented industrial development guidance to vigorously implement the project, to improve the social, professional division, supporting the development of underwear industry and its supporting industries, the formation of small commodity, big market, big industry 'pattern. The first product categories are continually expanding, from a single briefs to today's underwear series, including shorts, T-shirts, vests, culture, clothing, swimwear, sleepwear, bras, knitted children's wear and so on. The second is supporting industry to achieve continuous improvement of the original 'two out' to a set of weaving materials processing development, development design, production and sales of the one-stop model. 60 more than the existing weaving factories, printing plants more than 20, Ribbon Factory more than 20, more than 20 packaging plants, bleaching and dyeing factories 13, underwear and related industries employed 32,000 people. underwear manufacturing enterprises and supporting industries, through the gradual introduction of modern enterprise system, to speed up a joint merger, asset restructuring, learn advanced management style, started the brand. Xun Hing Group was formally established in March 2003 Xun Hing Zipper Technology Co., Ltd., SBS brand in 2002 by the national well-known trademarks, become the largest and most comprehensive strength, the product variety of the most complete specifications zipper manufacturer in China zipper center location is China's national standards and industry standards zipper developed head unit. Third, industry is constantly being upgraded, increasing the competitiveness of Speeding up enterprise. Technological innovations, to guide enterprises to pay close attention to changes in the market, focus on cutting-edge technology development, and continuously carry out technical transformation, improve the technical cooperation network to promote enterprises and between enterprises and universities and research collaboration between institutes, which is leading the Shanghai and Shenzhen underwear company industry trends, to achieve rapid development success. Xun Hing Zipper Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiamen University, Huaqiao University, Fujian complex structure of the co-educational institutions such as research institutes linked to the fire retardant zipper technology has been listed as state-level Spark Program projects, and won the 'Egyptian Pyramid Award' and 'China Science and Technology Exposition fine gold,' while development of new products more than 250 pieces, 32 sets of new equipment, technology transformation of 138, 16 won the national patents, of which the world's first 30 # Plastic Zipper, nanotechnology, computer simulation and other applications, and zip have filled the domestic blank. Koremori weaving, and dyeing and finishing companies Nylon snow g 50D finishing technology at the leading level at home and abroad, business management science norms, Xun Hing, ho sand, gorgeous, 100 million-yu, Dali and other enterprises to obtain ISO9001 quality management system certification, access to the international market, 'pass', effectively enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises. As the standardization of enterprise management, product high quality, Shanghai and Shenzhen underwear extensive access to international traders favor exports over 90 per cent rate. 4, market access, achieved remarkable results, share of rapidly expanding Constantly improve the competitiveness of brands and products, based on the enterprises to actively focus on market expansion, market share rising sharply. Ho sand, boat races, Tung 100 million companies with branch offices in major cities across the country or sales counters, sand bodies at the present-ho-hao Sha International (HK) Co., Ltd., ho sand (Fujian) Clothing Co., Ltd., Beijing HOSA Garments Co., Ltd. , Shanghai Fashion Co., Ltd. and ho-ho Sha Sha (Fujian) Printing Co., Ltd., sales outlets in major cities throughout the country. Pass 100 million companies are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang and other big cities started the brand, while also adopted the 'Wal-Mart,' 'Trust-Mart,' 'Makro', 'Metro' and other international well-known supermarket fully occupy domestic and international markets. In recent years, pay at the Canton Fair and China, Shanghai and Shenzhen accounted for underwear underwear booth booth for more than 90 per cent. Enterprises also rely on development and design, crafts and other advantages, and make powerful alliances, the existing international brands CROCDILE, VAIENTINO, COUPEAU, MONTAGUT, POIO & RACQUET town, some underwear companies in the Shenzhen and Shanghai Manufactured under license. Through joint collaboration, business linkage, Shanghai and Shenzhen Town, underwear companies have industrial production and business operations closely together to establish a national center market as a hub for regional markets as the backbone, country markets to supplement the domestic market system to achieve flow forms of organization and operation of the modernized, while achieving a diversified market strategy, promoting all-round, multi-channel, multi-port's export strategy, do a good job exporting carrier construction, improve export capacity, to expand the international market. The end of 2003, Shenhu Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, China Textile Industry Association has been awarded 'China's underwear town' title. 5, the investment environment is getting optimized force markedly increased after fat In order to promote the underwear industry in Shenzhen and Shanghai leading the trend of the times to ensure the underwear industry, invincible, Shanghai and Shenzhen to actively guide the underwear industry, the town of construction and development for enterprises to create a good environment for development. The first is to further integrate resources and advantages, the implementation of industry, projects, public works, logistics, delivery and integration of project management services to achieve the division of labor specialization and socialization of services, reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance overall competitiveness of underwear industry; second is increase its infrastructure, making full use of the Shenzhen and Shanghai million-ton port, a class of port advantages, expand the territory of trunk roads, construction of a major thoroughfare along the coast, to create high-grade transport networks, while investing 50 million yuan expansion Jinquan sewage treatment plants, so that the sewage treatment capacity of 4 million tons, take the road of sustainable development; third is actively developing high-grade underwear industrial park, and guide a number of strong, there are brands of underwear company for admission, in order to expand markets, strengthen the construction industry, a good carrier ; Fourth, accelerate the pace of business innovation, and vigorously develop and introduce new technologies, new equipment to upgrade the information technology of underwear industry, striving to become the country's Shanghai and Shenzhen Town, the building of the largest and most unique underwear. about author: I am an expert from chinadiodelasermodule.com, while we provides the quality product, such as fiber coupled laser diode , multimode laser diode Manufacturer, laser counting systems,and more.
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