A drilling rig is a machine that bores holes into

by:Lxshow     2020-05-02
There are two types of drills on a broad scale basis, one that produces rock chips and one that produces core elements for sampling. Though there are various designs and structures of the machine, any drilling rig basically comprises of some or most of the following components. Parts like a Mud tank, Mud pump, Suction line, Shale shakers, Power source, Vibrating hose, Goose-neck, Travelling block, Drill line, Derrick, Monkey board, Swivel, Pipe rack, Drill bit, Drill string, Flow line, Casting head, Blowout preventer and many such more. A drilling rig may be small and compact in size. This can be manually handled and moved around by a person. These machines are also available in larger sizes that need to be transported from one place to another while mounted on trucks, tracks and trailers. Depending on the complexity of the task in hand, the appropriate rig is chosen. The most common type of land drilling rig is the Cantilevered Mast, also known as the Jackknife derrick rig. Other types of rigs include the offshore and the Fixed-platform rig. The two most common methods by which the equipment is used are the cable tool method and the rotary drilling method. The most important benefit of using the equipment that it saves enormous amounts of time and effort and the final result is much more neat and precise. Before the advent of the drilling rig, the laborious task of boring holes in the ground was done manually by workers and animals. This took a long period of time and often led to accidents. With the devices that are now available, the work is done quickly and much more efficiently. However, there are also certain limitations of the drilling rig. In the absence of sufficient air pressure, the rig fails to function properly and to its fullest capacity. It is essential that the diameter of the hole being drilled in is maintained in order for the correct placement of pipes in the ground. This may not always be maintained while using the tool. Also inadequate lubrication or improper cooling may lead to an unsatisfactory result.
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