A detailed summary of the working process of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-29

The work process of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is detailed. The CNC control interface of the contemporary plasma intersecting line automatic fiber laser cutting machine combines graphics and data. The operation is very simple: the operator only needs to adjust the radius of the supervisor and the branch pipe. After setting the angle, cutting rate and other parameters into the computer, press the 'start' button to start cutting. A reasonable cutting lead-in and lead-out line is planned in the software to ensure the quality of the cutting surface. The parameters after each cut can be saved as a file for future applications like workpieces.

 When the thermal cutting method is adopted, one of the questions that many see is the cutting surface slag, which is the question of the cutting flatness that we will talk about. Regarding the CNC plasma automatic fiber laser cutting machine, there is still a similar environment. At the same time, it is considered that the current CNC plasma automatic fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting and processing of stainless steel and other materials, and its slag disposal is comparable to that of carbon plates. Even more difficult. For a few finishing companies or users who are expected to reduce secondary processing, how to reduce the residual slag and improve the quality of cutting flatness is a question that many companies pay attention to. Let Wuhan Huayucheng Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd. explain it for you below.

   From the literal function, the so-called flatness of the cutting surface refers to the very high and very low points on the cutting surface of the measured part, and two parallel lines are made according to the inclination of the cutting surface. The spacing of the lines.

The main machine tool of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is one-sided, including the frame one-sided beam guide, rack and pinion transmission system, retarder, servo motor system, pneumatic system, For the landing system, electrical control cabinet, etc., the one-sided material of the frame is made of aluminum alloy, some of which is welded with square tube, and the other is made of cast body. The main forging layout between the three is better, and the aluminum alloy layout is because The joint between the parts is easy to loosen when the parts are welded with a square tube. Large areas are not treated with aging, and it is easy to deform after a long time. (Many manufacturing factories say that their machine tool structure has been treated with aging, but There are few companies that can do it). Therefore, in the long run, in order to guarantee the life, cutting quality and accuracy of the machine tool, the one-time forming and forging layout machine tool is comparatively better than the former two.

Below is the detailed working process of the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine:

(1), programming

It can be programmed simply on the machine or offline editor . Use menu-style selection to input cutting parameters, such as outer diameter, wall thickness, slope quarrel, deviation, compensation data, etc. At the same time, you can experience the rest of the professional software as STCAD.

(2). Tube blanking

The operator starts the procedure from the webpage or mechanically, and the tube is arranged on the tube base with a hoisting object.

(3) Measuring degree

The operator adjusts the degree of the pipe seat lever according to the error of the outer diameter of the pipe.

(4). Tube locking

Use the adjustable three-jaw chuck to actively lock the outer diameter of the tube.

(5) Turn on cutting

Move the head of the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine to the end of the tube for cutting, and the equipment will automatically perform the next cutting according to the French active positioning. Programming realizes all cutting procedures.

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