CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Taiwan YYC is a professional supplier of precision rack and servo reducer. YYC products include: rack, gear, guide rack, roller, planetary reducer and anti-backlash reducer. The quality is excellent and stable, in line with the domestic and international market demand. In accordance with international standard specifications, the introduction of German standard DIN and Japanese standard JIS standards, as well as ISO 9001 quality certification, is the leading brand of precision machine racks in Asia.


In order to meet the needs of mechanical equipment, YYC provides gear racks with different modulus, which can completely replace linear drive products such as ball screws, cylinders, linear motors, etc., and has excellent cost performance. Its advantages are as follows:


(1) Accumulated error of grinding level accuracy is 0.022mm/300mm (arbitrary 300mm);

(2) It has a spur/helical tooth type and is suitable for various use conditions;

(3) It has a heat treatment type/non heat treatment type, and the same modulus can have various strengths;

(4) It has a square/circular appearance and is easy to integrate and use;

(5) A variety of materials: alloy steel, stainless steel, engineering plastics


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