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What is the maximum thickness of a 10000W fiber laser cutting machine??

What is the maximum thickness of a 10000W fiber laser cutting machine??



In the era of CO2 laser cutting, the maximum power of the laser is limited to 6000W. The thickness of earlyfiber laser cutting plates is also limited to 20mm of carbon steel and 12mm of stainless steel. For thicker materials, fine plasma, wire cutting or waterjet cutting are required. Traditional processing technology. The 10,000-watt fiber laser cutting has brought revolutionary changes to the field of sheet metal processing.

The continuous improvement of the thickness of different materials can be processed: aluminum alloy sheet can reach 40mm, stainless steel sheet can reach 50mm, as 12kW and 15kW fiber laser cutting machines are launched, the thickness limit of material cutting will continue to be broken, except for the cutting thickness The improvement of the cutting efficiency of 10,000-watt laser cutting in the field of medium and thin plates is also a multiple increase. When cutting stainless steel plates with a thickness of 3 to 10 mm, the cutting speed of the 10 kW laser cutting machine is more than twice that of 6 kW; at the same time, the 10 kW laser cutting machine can achieve a fast bright surface of 18 to 20 mm / s in carbon steel cutting applications. Cutting is twice the normal standard cutting speed; compressed air or nitrogen can also be used to cut carbon steel within 12mm, and the cutting efficiency is six to seven times the speed of oxygen cutting carbon steel. The efficiency of high-power laser cutting sheet metal has greatly improved the speed of surpassing people's imagination in the past, which is also the main reason why high-power laser cutting machine is popular in the sheet metal market.

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