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What is a fiber continuous laser welding machine?

What is a fiber continuous laser welding machine?



As a high-end product in the field of welding, the continuous light welding machine is favored by industries that require precision welding. The continuous light welding machine is composed of a "welding main machine" and a "welding workbench". The laser beam is coupled to the optical fiber. After long-distance transmission, the parallel light is processed to focus on the workpiece for continuous welding. Suitable for welding various metals and their alloy materials, as well as precision welding between the same metal or different metals.


The main advantages of the fiber continuous laser welding machine are as follows:


1. Directly solder two metal parts without using solder or filler. The welded portions can be the same metal and different metals.


2. Aspect ratio. The weld is deep and narrow, and the weld is bright and beautiful.


3. Minimum heat input. Due to the high power density, the melting process is extremely fast, the input workpiece heat is very low, the welding speed is fast, the productivity is high, the thermal deformation is small, and the heat affected zone is small.


4. High density. The high cooling rate after welding makes the welded structure fine, and the welding strength, toughness and overall performance are high.


5. Precise control. Because the focus is small, the weld can be positioned with high precision, and the beam can be easily transferred and controlled, allowing remote or inaccessible parts and miniature parts.


6. Laser welding equipment basically has no consumables, greatly reducing downtime and high production efficiency.


7. Non-contact, atmospheric welding. At the same time, laser welding operates at a lower cost, which reduces the cost of the workpiece.


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