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What fiber laser cutting machine is good?

What fiber laser cutting machine is good?


When you buy a fiber laser cutting machine in the market, do you find that there are many different brands of metal cutting laser? You don't even know how to choose? The metal laser cutter has developed rapidly in recent years, and the number of brands has also increased. Soon! In the rapid development, of course, some substandard products will be mixed into it. Some consumers accidentally encounter sales traps, buy substandard products, and even fake and shoddy products. This situation is not only in the laser metal cutting industry but also in other industries. So what laser cutter for metal is good? How to choose? For many people, it is an urgent problem to be solved.


What fiber laser metal cutting machine is good, first look at these aspects

1. Whether the effect of use meets the standard.

If the quality of the laser cutter is not good, the cutting effect will not meet the standard. If the effect does not meet the standard during the cutting process, then such a product is a substandard fiber laser machine! The cutting effect is not up to the standard product, The laser machine loses its practical function and has no use-value!

2. Whether the internal design of the laser cutting machine is reasonable.

The short-circuit situation of fiber laser cutting machine has occurred in some customers' sites. It is because the internal structure or circuit design is unreasonable, which leads to safety hazards during use. Therefore, do not underestimate the circuit design of the laser cutting machine. If the heating conductor does not dissipate heat and the insulation is aging, a small detail will cause an accident!

Therefore, in the process of purchasing a fiber optic laser cutter, unqualified products cannot be bought!

There are still some scams in the market. This is illegal. This is what customers need to understand and avoid these scams:

1. Exaggerated publicity of laser-cut metal

The propaganda of fiber laser cutting machine was originally intended to let more people know the function of fiber laser tube cutting machine. However, some propaganda is a bit exaggerated, such as how much package speed is m/min, how much acceleration is g, how high the configuration is, how good the cutting effect is, and the price It's cheaper, but many people still believe it!

2. Use welfare or technology

In order to create a very cheap situation, some fiber laser cutter manufacturers will launch various promotions, discounts, and other slogans to sell these unqualified products at low prices to fool people who don't understand the truth!

We suggest to learn more about the relevant information on some products, not just see the cheap price, but ignore the traps behind it!

When we buy a cutting metal laser, it is best to go to a regular manufacturer, through understanding, choose the right product for ourselves, if there is a problem, it can also be solved easily, reducing a lot of trouble!

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