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What common materials can not be processed by fiber laser cutting machine

What common materials can not be processed by fiber laser cutting machine


As we all know, the processing object of the fiber laser cutting machine cncis metal materials, so it can only cut most metal materials, not non-metals such as cloth, leather, and stones. This is because the wavelength range of the 1000w fiber laser cutting machine is not within the absorption range of materials other than most metal materials. When cutting some metals or non-metals, insufficient absorption may occur, which makes the cutting effect unpredictable. Under the current technical conditions of fiber laser tube cutting machine, the advantages of applying to non-metal cutting are not very obvious, of course, it may not rule out the possibility of future development in this area.


When used to cut highly reflective metal materials, fiber lasers often have problems. fiber laser cutting machine 4kw manufacturers should advise users of fiber laser cutting machine 1500w not to cut metal materials such as aluminum and copper for a long time, because these materials are highly reflective materials, and the wavelength of the laser It is not very suitable for the absorption of these materials. The absorption rate of the beam energy is very low, and a lot of energy will be reflected to damage the protective lens in front of the laser head, which will increase the consumption of consumables. If you want to cut aluminum and copper, you must make additional special protection devices.


According to the different power of fiber laser pipe cutting machine, the cutting thickness will also change. The greater the power, the thicker the cutting thickness, the thinner the metal material, the faster the cutting speed, so the advantage of tube fiber laser cutting machine for medium and thin plate cutting will be very obvious .

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