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What are the advantages of laser welding machines compared to traditional laser welding machine?

What are the advantages of laser welding machines compared to traditional laser welding machine?



Laser welding machine, also known as laser welding machine or laser welding machine, has gained more and more in the precision welding of machinery, automobile, steel and other industries, especially micro and small parts, because of its environmental protection, pollution-free, simple and easy to operate. A wide range of applications, its non-contact welding method can better complete many difficult welding. Compared with other welding techniques, laser welding has the following advantages:


1, fast speed, large depth, small deformation


2, can weld refractory materials such as titanium, quartz, etc., and can weld the opposite material, the effect is good.


3. Micro soldering is available. The laser beam is focused to obtain a small spot, and can be accurately positioned, and can be applied to the mass welding of small and small workpieces that are automatically produced in large quantities.


4. It can be welded at room temperature or under special conditions, and the welding equipment is simple. For example, the laser passes through an electromagnetic field, and the beam does not shift; the laser can be soldered in vacuum, air, and a certain gas environment, and can be welded through glass or a material that is transparent to the beam.


5. After laser focusing, the power density is high. When welding high-power devices, the aspect ratio can reach 5:1 and the maximum can reach 10:1.


6. The laser beam is easy to realize beam splitting according to time and space, and can perform multi-beam simultaneous processing and multi-station processing for more precise welding.


7. It can weld non-accessible parts and perform non-contact long-distance welding with great flexibility.


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