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Use of laser cutting machine

Use of laser cutting machine


With the rapid development of my country's construction industry, the laser cutting machine is one of the indispensable tools in the construction and industrial industries. In recent years, my country's laser application market has continued to expand, and the laser field has continued to expand. Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in communications, machinery, electronics manufacturing, and other fields. Let's analyze the purpose of the metal laser cutting in detail.


  First of all, in the field of gasification, cut fiber lasers are mainly used to cut particularly thin metal and non-metal materials. Its working principle is to use a high-energy-density laser beam to cut materials. The boiling point of the material can be reached in a very short time, and the stone material starts to vaporize and is cut.

  Secondly, machine laser cutting metal can also use oxygen to cut metal. The cutting principle is mainly to use oxygen active gas to cut metal. Because oxygen can undergo an oxidation reaction at high temperatures and release a large amount of heat, the blown gas will rub against the metal to achieve the effect of cutting the metal.

  Laser cutting machine metal can use laser heating to melt metal materials. The solid building materials are placed under atmospheric pressure to form liquid metal. Fiber laser cutting machines are mainly used in the cutting field of metals that are not easily oxidized and also not easily cut.

  Metal cutting laser machine is widely used in various fields by virtue of its own advantages. In the increasingly serious environmental problems, laser cutting machines make up for the disadvantages of traditional laser cutting machine for metal that produce harmful gases and smoke when cutting materials. This also laid the foundation for laser cutting service sheet metal to move steadily in the fierce market competition. Through the analysis and research of this article, I hope that it will be helpful for everyone to understand the laser fiber cutting machine.

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