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These points cannot be ignored when buying a laser cutting machine

These points cannot be ignored when buying a laser cutting machine


Every company engaged in metal processing hopes to purchase a laser cutting machine to assist in processing to reduce the labor burden, but the metal laser cutting on the market are really mixed, how can we buy a reliable and satisfactory metal cutting laser? As a metal fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer said, in fact, to master these points, it is absolutely impossible to choose a metal cutting laser machine.


1. Is there certification from a relevant authority?

Although there are many brands of metal fiber laser cutting machine on the market, there are very few companies with production qualifications, so you must check whether the companies have obtained relevant qualification certifications during the purchase process. If there is such a qualification, it means that the company has such production strength. If there is no certification, then you have to consider whether its products are worth buying?

2.Some understanding of stainless steel laser cutting machine

No matter what you do, only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win every battle, and the same is true for buying a sheet metal laser cutting. Before buying a laser cutting machine, we must understand clearly what types of fiber laser cutting are there, and what are the differences between these laser cutting machines? Generally, there are flat metal cutting machine laser, 3D laser cutting machines, coil laser cutting machines, and pipes Laser cutting machines, plate, and tube integrated laser cutting machines, this equipment is used in different industries, you should determine which one you want to buy before buying.

3.Whether to provide after-sales service

Don't underestimate the after-sales service, especially the cutting laser machine metal. Be sure to understand whether the package is installed. If you don't install it, you may not be able to find a suitable installer.

When purchasing a laser metal cutting machine, do not ignore these points. After all, making money is not easy, and spending money on the blade is the right way.

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