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The laser fiber cutting is applied to Sony's SR Display. You can see 3D pictures without wearing 3D glasses

The laser fiber cutting is applied to Sony's SR Display. You can see 3D pictures without wearing 3D glasses


news-Lxshow-The laser fiber cutting is applied to Sonys SR Display You can see 3D pictures without wfiber cutting machine price
news-The laser fiber cutting is applied to Sonys SR Display You can see 3D pictures without wearing fiber laser cutting machine for sale
news-Lxshow-imgfiber laser cutting systems

Sony Electronics announced the first launch of a breakthrough new product-"Spatial Reality Display (SR Display)" using Sony's Human Eye Sensing Light Field Display (ELFD) technology on October 15.

At CES in the United States in January this year, the display made its debut and showed participants that it was called an "eye-sensing light field display." There is no need for users to wear specific VR glasses or headsets and only use eye-tracking technology to render realistic 3D objects.

The Spatial Reality Display’s display is a 15.6-inch 4K LCD, equipped with a high-speed vision sensor that can track eye movements and the position when walking around the display. At the same time, there is also a micro-optical lens above the LCD to separate the left and right eye screens. To create a stereo image.

So, what are the applications of China fiber laser cutting machine in SR Display?

Common best fiber laser cutting machine applications on digital devices include sapphire glass mobile phone screen laser cutting, camera protection lens laser cutting, home button laser cutting, FPC flexible circuit board laser cutting, etc.

When the space reality display receives the touch signal, the tactile feedback system will drive different connected devices in advance according to the program, and realize the realistic video effect through the LCD. Therefore, the cutting of the mobile screen is very important, and small fiber laser cutting machine can easily solve this problem.

The internal laser of 500 watt laser can emit a high-density laser and gather it into laser beam. Under the irradiation of this laser beam, the surface of the irradiated workpiece will become or boil. At the same time, there is a high-pressure gas around the laser beam, which can blow off the substance on the surface of the workpiece that reacts, so as to achieve cutting The effect of the item.

500w laser can be used in copper, stainless steel, carbon steel and other metals, wood, acrylic, and PVC as an irreplaceable processing tool in the same digital equipment auxiliary industry. It also adapts to the technological trend of digital equipment brackets, which can bring surprises. Processing effect. Freely drawing graphics on other non-metallic materials overcomes the disadvantages of traditional processing methods such as inflexibility and single style. Under the transformation of 500w fiber laser, the mobile phone holder is full of tricks and unique! Simple but not simple, practical and beautiful!

500w laser cutter has incomparable size and processing accuracy with traditional processing methods. By replacing the original mechanical cutting with 2000w laser, it makes complicated, heavy and inefficient cutting easier. Compared with the traditional cutting method, 1kw fiber laser is indeed a rare and valuable processing tool, which saves a lot of manpower, material and financial resources of enterprises and factories.

A powerful PC with at least an Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia’s RTX 2070 super GPU is required to meet the needs of SR Display to run top real-time rendering algorithms.

SR displays enable creators in all industries from automotive and industrial design to computer graphics (CG) and visual effects (VFX), as well as those in movies, to realize their creativity in stunning 3D displays.

In terms of pricing, Sony SR Display’s suggested retail price is US$4,999.99 (approximately RMB 33,605). As a result, it went on sale on Sony Mall and other retailers in 11 months.

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