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The development of hardware sanitary ware and fiber laser welding machine

The development of hardware sanitary ware and fiber laser welding machine


Hardware bathroom products have evolved from pig iron, copper, and zinc alloys to the current upgrade to stainless steel hardware bathroom products. This is a general trend in industrial development. After the traditional hardware sanitary products are upgraded to stainless steel sanitary products, the traditional argon arc welding can not meet the needs of updated sanitary products. The emergence of the laser welding machine perfectly solves the high-demand technical problems in the welding of stainless steel sanitary products. Due to the extremely low heat input during laser welding, the amount of deformation after welding is very small, and a very beautiful welding surface effect can be obtained. There are few subsequent welding treatments, which can greatly reduce or eliminate the labor cost of the huge polishing and leveling process. Therefore, the application of  laser welding machine in the manufacture of stainless steel hardware sanitary ware is becoming more and more common.


The stainless steel fiber laser welding machine has high welding efficiency, good effect, simple and convenient operation, and is suitable for the welding of flat straight lines, arcs, and arbitrary trajectories of various materials. Laser welding precision has a good appearance. In the hardware industry, it has a wide range of applications in high-end bathroom stainless steel products, stainless steel faucet laser welding, and stainless steel intersecting line laser welding. Suitable for 3D and spatial curve welding of water pipe joints, reducing joints, tees, valves, and showerheads. Showers, stainless steel door handles, stainless steel faucets, stainless tableware, knives, etc. are mostly manufactured by laser welding.

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