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The correct method of laser cutting machine ground wire

The correct method of laser cutting machine ground wire



The stability of the fiber metal laser cutting machine requires extremely high power to ensure. The use of the ground wire is an important alternation when receiving high voltage, but it is also the place where it is most likely to be overlapped: a bad enclosure grounding may cause electrical leakage and threaten the personal safety of the operator.

So how to properly ground?

1. The distance between the grounding device and any adjacent place around the house should be more than 1 meter, and then use a 3 × 30 mm flat iron rail joint to form a good grounding network.

2. When the ground connection is completed, the ground resistance is measured with a meter. The standard resistance is 3 to 5 ohms.

3. After measuring the resistance, connect one end of the rvv2.5mm2 copper core wire to the lead end of the grounding network and directly insert it into the ground hole of the socket used by the laser cutting machine equipment.


installation steps:

1. First find a close place at home, dig 1.5 square meters * 300 mm of soil surface, and then use a prepared 2 x 30 mm flat iron to connect with 7 mm holes by welding or screwing.

2. Use a measuring instrument to measure the grounding resistance of the network.

3. Drill an 8 mm hole in the top of the iron and file it around the hole.

4. Finally, place the wire in the user's wire slot and add a safe ground wire in the power grid.

Next is video of Fiber laser cutting machine:

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