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The choice of oxygen or nitrogen for laser cutting thin steel plate

The choice of oxygen or nitrogen for laser cutting thin steel plate


Can cut all kinds of metal materials, do you know which laser cutting machine to use?


Cutting metal, of course, use a sheet metal laser cutting service. The CNC laser steel cutting machine has stable processing performance, good quality, compact structure, advanced intelligence, and metal cutting surprises users!

Walking into the processing site of metal laser cutting manufacturers, from raw material loading, cutting, unloading, etc., the entire operation process can only see a busy figure of workers. The fully automated operating system of metal laser cutting makes the production site more stable and operating The process is smoother.

Steel plate cut laser machine_cutting metal with high efficiency and many advantages:

Unit integration, modular layout, easy and free cutting

Modular integrated unit design, coupled with high configuration drive device and integrated structure, the operation is more flexible and fast, suitable for various working conditions.

High efficiency and smarter

It adopts a PLC control system for centralized control, wireless remote control with the one-key operation, and the display monitors the production status of the equipment at any time, with higher work efficiency, simpler operation, and lower failure rate.


The overall sealing is strong, there is a waste mobile phone system, and the external dust removal device is additionally equipped, which is green and environmentally friendly at a glance.

Flexible matching, changeable models

Dozens of model combinations, various types of lasers, cutting heads, machine tools, and other equipment can be used as the host system, equipped with flexibility, allowing more changes in models to meet the diverse production needs of users.

Metal laser cutting machine, laser equipment factory direct sales, more economical quotation

For laser machine sheet metal cutting and different configurations of laser equipment, the manufacturers offer different prices. Lingxiu metal laser cutting machine is a good manufacturer with strong strength and exquisite workmanship. It has been advancing in the industry for many years. It has always insisted on self-produced and sold, stock supply and delivery are more timely. The price is always the factory price, which is more economical than the market price. Offers. Lingxiu is a reliable brand of metal forming equipment for users. Please feel free to consult online at any time about the quotation of the Lingxiu laser cutting steel sheet machine.

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